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Friday, May 18, 2007

Flooring It Differently - Carpeteria, San Diego

I greatly admire a welcoming retail environment. And if it happens to be a flooring store, even better! It's definitely time to celebrate!

To that end, I am introducing the "Flooring It Differently" series on
Flooring The Consumer to share with you these flooring store celebrations. It's a way to highlight unusual approaches and experiments that demonstrate a strong commitment to creating magical retail experiences for consumers. These are stores that are truly 'Flooring It Differently'!

This post focuses on
Carpeteria and -- more specifically -- the store located at 8400 Miramar Road in San Diego. Our Wear-Dated Representative Candace Heidenrich considered this store's creative approach to cross-merchandising particularly unusual and beneficial to consumers. Here is what she writes:

Cross-merchandising is catching on.... This is evident at the newly renovated Carpeteria store in San Diego where Mel Markarian developed a cross-merchandising concept with a neighboring furniture store.

The furniture store brought in an elegant leather sofa and loveseat, small end tables, modern glass bubble lamps and decorative accessories and placed these inside the flooring store. All items were priced and a placard noted the name of the furniture store located nearby.

This allows the store to have a very upscale sitting area for clients while promoting the furniture store at the same time. It also gives consumers an opportunity to think about how flooring ties in with their home furnishings, fabrics, accessories and rugs...

So, why not get creative and talk to businesses nearby to develop ways to cross-merchandise with them? And while you are at it, get your staff thinking like a designer...bring in paint chips, assemble a photography portfolio of your stellar home flooring projects, use our What is Blue? color forecast chart to discuss new color trends or design-a-room on our Wear-Dated website using carpet styles, furnishings and paint....

Thank you, Candace, and great job, Carpeteria and Mel Markarian! The reaction from consumers has been extremely positive. They enjoy having somewhere to sit, relax and think things over...

How might you be 'Flooring It Differently'?

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