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Thursday, July 26, 2007

PR PowerWomen Rule!

I'm grateful to people who challenge my assumptions and - in so doing - raise my awareness.

Peter Kim has done that with his M20 Top Marketer blogs [alpha] that focuses on client-side marketers who blog. With M20 Top Marketer Blogs [beta], he expands the list to 31 and refines the rankings so they are "totally transparent" and "reflect BOTH authority and influence." I'm proud to say that Flooring The Consumer still makes the list, at #7!

Although I follow many blogs, I had never considered them from the perspective of the M20, and certainly never internalized that so many of the brilliant thoughts circulating within the blogosphere were predominently the product of consultant or agency perspectives.

With the expansion of the M20, another revelation overcame me: out of the 31, only 7 represent "old" economy [i.e., not technology] businesses.

+ Strategic Public Relations - Kevin Dugan, Director of Marketing Communications, FRCH Design.
+ Todd And - The Power To Connect - Todd Andrlik, Director of Marketing and PR, Leopardo Construction.
+ Flooring The Consumer - CB Whittemore, Director of In-Store Innovation, Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber.
+ Masiguy - Tim Jackson, Brand Manager, Masi Bicycles.
+ The Client Side - Michael Seaton, Director - Digital Marketing, Scotiabank.
+ John Heald's Blog - John Heald, Cruise Director, Carnival.
+ Randy's Journal - Randy Tinseth, VP Marketing, Boeing.

The rest relate closely to technology or technology solutions.

And, then, one more revelation: only three of the 31 are women:
+ Flooring The Consumer - CB Whittemore, Director of In-Store Innovation, Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber.
+ BeRelevant! - Tamara Gielen, Email Marketing Manager - Belgium, eBay.
+ The Kristasphere - Krista Summit, Web Marketing Strategist, Lenovo.

Kami Huyse from Communication Overtones, also challenges assumptions and raises awareness. Her recent post PowerWomen and the Power 150: Women Make up Only 13 percent of Top Bloggers inspired today's post title "PR PowerWomen Rule!"

Kami refers to ToddAnd's Power 150. Now, in case you're not aware, this is the brainchild of Todd Andrlik, a.k.a. #4 on Peter Kim's Beta List! And, he's also on my "old" economy list. There is nothing "old" about Todd's blog or his delight with all things marketing and media. In fact, via the Power 150, Todd has reinvented the ranking of marketing and public relations resources and has been so successful that - just announced - Power 150 Partners with Advertising Age! Very exciting news.

Getting back to Kami. Last year, she analyzed the Power 150 and noticed that only 12 percent of the top 50 PR bloggers were women. She revisited the subject on 7/12/07 and discovered just a bit of progress: 13 percent of the Power 150 Top Marketing Blogs are women!

To amplify their voices, Tami offers the Top 20 PowerWomen of PR and Marketing, which includes many women bloggers I admire tremendously:

#12 What's Next Blog <-- by the amazing BL Ochman.
#18 Diva Marketing Blog <-- my friend, Toby Bloomberg.
#31 BlogWrite for CEOs.
#48 Communication Overtones <--- Kami's blog!
#69 Forrester's Marketing Blog.
#73 The Origin of Brands <-- Laura Ries' blog.
#93 Branding & Marketing <-- Chris Brown's wonderful blog.
#94 Customers Rock! <-- my friend Becky Carroll.
#99 Conversation Agent <--- my friend Valeria Maltoni.
#104 Corporate PR.
#105 The Copywriting Maven <-- by the terrific Roberta Rosenberg.
#106 CK's Blog <-- my friend CK.
#107 Spare Change.
#115 Marketing Roadmaps <-- Susan Getgood is awesome!
#128 advergirl.
#129 Brand Sizzle.
#132 Kinetic Ideas.
#137 Flooring The Consumer !!!
#148 Presto Vivace Blog.
#150 Email Marketing Best Practices

Are you still with me?

Now, #2 from Kami's list, Toby Bloomberg, held the second installment of her Blog Talk Radio program Diva Marketing Talks 7/24/07 - 6:30pm EST, inviting two "old" economy [i.e., real estate and flooring] marketers to talk about social media. [You can read more about it in Diva Marketing Talks with C.B. Whittemore and Paul Chaney where she includes tips from both of us. You can also access the podcast: Diva Talks podcast is up on Blogtalkradio.]

Next week, on July 31, Diva Marketing Talks Analytics with Marianne Richmond, Resonance Partnership, and Peter Kim, Forrester Research. This brings us back where we started with Peter Kim!

My takeaways from all this:
+ Find new ways to look at the tried and true. Chances are you will notice unusual patterns, behaviors and opportunities.

+ Old economy businesses can just as easily benefit from new marketing approaches and social media as do high tech businesses. It's just a matter of looking at things in non-traditional ways.

+ Don't overlook the women in your organization. They may have some really good perspectives, especially since flooring's target consumer is a woman!

+ And, finally, PR PowerWomen Rule! [I couldn't resist!]

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