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Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Slice From The Age Of Conversation

Have you purchased your copy of The Age of Conversation? You haven't? Why not? Please do so. You'll be astounded at what you discover.

If you're not quite sure what I'm referring to, then please read The Age Of Conversation - Now Available. Not only are you benefiting a good cause, but you're also benefiting from the finest marketing minds around with wisdom on this Age of Conversation [i.e., web 2.0] that is absolutely here to stay!

Now, if you still aren't convinced that there is value here for you, then consider this slice...

Within this marvelous book, you will discover very practical information relating to social media from experts on the topic! Actionable tips, valuable how-tos and specific ideas on applying these marketing tools and ideas to your businesses. More specifically:

Todd Andrlik writes about "Scoring a Top Blog."
David Berkowitz focuses on "The Ageless Age."
Mark Blair discusses "Speaking Through Action."
Tom Clifford speaks about "Let's See That Again!"
Peter Corbett addresses "Using Social Media to Deepen Brand Engagement."
Ed Cotton touches on "Seven Ways to Start a Conversation with Advertising."
Geert Desager writes "Bring the Love Back."
Pete Deutschman discusses "Revelation from a Digital Junkie's Digital Diary,"
Anna Farmery explores "How to Turn Employee Engagement into a Happy Marriage."
Phil Gerbyshak writes "Continuing the Conversation: The Importance of Follow-Up."
Bob Glaza explores "Give and Grow."
Mark Goren discusses "Be a Give + Take Marketer."
Kristin Gorski addresses "W.R.I.T.E."
Kris Hoet writes about "You Get a Long Way with Common Sense."
Gareth Kay recommends "The Strongest Conversations Start with a Point of View."
Gaurav Mishra wants us to "Create Conversations, Not Clutter."
Michael Morton describes "How to Build a Community on a Budget: Just Use An Online Newsletter!"
Simon Payn discusses "How Peter Got His Customers Back."
David Polinchock talks about "The Role of Conversation in the Brand Experience."
Joe Raasch is all about "No Limit Conversation."
Arun Rajagopal writes about "The Rules of the Garage. For Digital Media Conversationalists."
Connie Reece explains "The Two-step of Conversational Writing."
Sandy Renshaw talks about "Graphics and Conversations."
Mike Sansone asks "Do You Talk Write?"
Patrick Schaber writes about "Starting the Conversation for the Small Business Marketer."
Mario Vellandi explores "Collective Intelligence."
Roger von Oech describes "How to Think Like A Fool."
Troy Worman explains how to "Connect the Unconnected."

I'll share further slices with you. Simply stay tuned.

But, if you consider yourself a practical marketer willing and wanting to be up-to-speed on how to apply social media to your businesses, then look no further than The Age of Conversation.

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