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Monday, August 10, 2009

Flooring Retailers: What Parquet Design Is This?

What wood flooring parquet is this?Flooring Retailers: we need your help! Can you identify this wood parquet design? And, is there a simple way to repair or restore it?

Karin Hermans from Wood You Like Ltd in the UK asks the question as she wants to help a homeowner restore this wood parquet to "its original pride."

As she describes the situation, "this week we received a 'cry for help' on how to restore an IMHO unique pattern in wood Design Parquet. I had to ask for images because the explanation over the phone how the pattern was laid didn't ring any bells with me. (After receiving the images we urged the lucky owner not to rush into things - he is moving into the house next week - in order to find the best ways to bring it back to its original pride)."

Above, you see a closeup of the parquet design. I've also uploaded a higher resolution image in case you want to magnify and look more closely.

From research - or, as Karin describes it, "putting on her 'detective' head" - she has determined that this is/was a pattern commonly used in the USA.

Furthermore, the grouting between the individual blocks is cork. Although the wood tiles were apparently 'pre-fab,' they still took a lot of labor to install.

Karin will be investigating further with her UK contacts, but hopes that a US based retailer might know of the pattern, identify its name, and be able to recommend the best approach for restoring or repairing the flooring. [One concern she has is that sanding the floor will crumble more of the cork filling strips.]

If you have information to share, please let me [cbwhittemore[at]gmail[dot]com] or Karin [info[at]wood-you-like[dot]co.uk] know.

Many thanks in advance.

~ C.B. "Sherlock Holmes" and "Dr." Karin "Watson"
Flooring Sleuths

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