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Monday, January 18, 2010

Refresh Your Store Experience For The New Year

Vegas Retail ExperienceNew year, new beginnings, so what's in store for your store? Perhaps it's time to refresh your store experience for the New Year? From Retail Customer Experience Magazine, here are 5 signs your retail store needs a makeover by Bob Phibbs.

1. How does your store flow?

How well does the traffic patterns you've established match up with those of your customers? Do you need to adjust them?

2. How consistent is your store?

My favorite example of retail experience consistency is Target. Signage, communications, baskets, even the bathrooms consistently say 'Target.' Are you that consistent? Could you be more consistent? Or, if inconsistency is part of your retail experience, are you consistently inconsistent?

3. Can you simplify your merchandising?

Can you edit your product selection? Make it less overwhelming for customers? Can you be a curator for your category? Unnecessary complexity will scare customers away. Demonstrate your passion and expertise by simplifying and editing your assortment.

4. How fresh does your store look?

Does it need dusting? A new coat of paint? Are your flyers, signs, announcements current? Do you need to replace dead light bulbs? I love this quote: "... great retail is like an idealized home..." which means your store needs to look similarly engaging.

5. What about your displays?

Do you rotate them on a regular basis? I love what Aggieland Carpet One does with its displays: put them on wheels! Per the article, "Eighty percent of your sales tend to come form the first third of your store, so highlight all of the "wants" at the front and all of the "needs" in the back..."

What else do you ask yourself when you step back to consider your store experience?

And, by the way, these questions are just as relevant for your online presence.


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