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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Woman Centric Retail...

Pearl Harbor widows have gone into war work to carry on the fight with a personal vengeance, Corpus Christi, Texas.

What would woman centric retail look like?

Let's start with woman centric homebuilding as described in the 2/6/08 article titled "A woman's place... is in their designs" from TwinCities.com by Jennifer Bjorhus - and unfortunately no longer available online. [Grrrr.]

As in retail [yes, flooring retail especially], homebuilding is male dominated. And, yet, the purchaser is a woman 91% of the time...

Luckily for women home buyers in Minnesota, there's the Minnesota Woman-Centric Homebuilders Consortium. And, they've transformed several aspects of the overall home buying experience by:

1. Enhancing and simplifying the buying experience for women
2. Re-evaluated in-home features and amenities so they makes sense and add value to women buyers
3. Redesigning floor plans to be more relevant to women's multi-tasked lives.

More specifically, you'll find kid-friendly areas in model homes. You may receive postcards of the purchased home to send out to friends/family. And the home-builder website will include tools for sharing photos and articles. There's lots more, though, including color-coded floor plans address four areas of importance to women [i.e., livability at a glance]:

+ de-stress
+ organize
+ flexible living
+ entertaining

Check out the woman centric videos and the woman centric home building blog, too.

All common sense approaches especially if you're in touch with your customers, listening to them, asking questions, observing trends and responding to their suggestions... which I know you're doing, right?

So, how would you apply Woman Centric Home Building to create a Woman Centric Retail Experience?

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Pearl Harbor widows have gone into war work to carry on the fight with a personal vengeance, Corpus Christi, Texas. Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress.

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