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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Honored By The Marketing Diva

What a thrill!

I've been experiencing flooring toe taps of exhilaration all day long.

Diva Marketing's Toby Bloomberg [a.k.a., The Diva] has just granted me the ultimate honor by showcasing Flooring The Consumer and Wear-Dated in her Biz Blog Profile Series: Flooring The Consumer, Wear-Dated.


Toby had me thinking about old marketing and new marketing and how to create a bridge between those two worlds.

And, now, I'm curious. What are your thoughts on how best to extend the blogosphere conversation beyond keyboards and blog relationships -formed as a result of our musings- to draw in those who don't know about blogs, or aren't yet comfortable with the world of 2.0?

As actively involved as we are in this medium, a whole wide world out there isn't yet engaged as Lewis Green has brought up in Web 2.0 Reality Check. So, how do we extend the conversation?

To that point, we call it conversation, but Liz Strauss grounded me when she brought up the perspective of Her Friend Peg - who is not part of the blogosphere - who doesn't get all of this 'conversation' talk. To her, it's more of a traditional one-way exchange as in a newspaper publishing an article.

And, if you think back upon your early days, when you hadn't yet taken the blogging plunge, how did you feel about this blogging thing? Did you see it as conversation, or as more of a one-way exchange, sufficiently intriguing to merit further exploration, but not more than that. And, then, before you knew it, you were drawn into this amazingly vibrant vortex of ideas and possibilities....

So, how do we draw others in?

Now, Lewis Green also brings up in The Art of Blog Marketing that "marketing is about creating connections." So, how do we extend these connections? How do we invite others to participate?How do we share our wonderful ideas and concepts, our collective knowledge that illustrates the The Wisdom of Crowds?

Sharing the message with one person at a time matters greatly. And, bridging old marketing tools with new ones helps tremendously to make the new ones not seem quite so intimidating. But, how else are you doing it? What can we learn from one another?

In many ways, the B2B world that Valeria Maltoni will soon be joining [Congratulations, Valeria!] is an ideal one for creating the sense of community and connection that thrives in a web 2.0 environment. Mike Sansone aptly brings this to life in ConverStations. So, there most definitely is a way to extend the art of blog marketing to all those wanting to bask in the connections. What are your success stories?

Thank you, Toby - most gracious Marketing Diva, for this honor.

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