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Friday, March 27, 2009

Big News: Simple Marketing Now LLC

I have big news to share! As of 3/25/09, I've become Chief Simplifier of Simple Marketing Now LLC, my new marketing consultancy focused on bridging traditional marketing with social marketing to improve the customer experience.

That means that I am no longer associated with Solutia Inc. or the Wear-Dated brand.

How is that possible? Well, you see Wear-Dated - with which I've been associated since joining Solutia [Monsanto at the time] almost 16 years ago - has been sold to Mohawk Industries. It's very exciting news for the brand as it means a home where it will be valued and nurtured and promoted as it should be.

For me, it means change. Very exciting change. Change indelibly associated with my Dad's birthday [March 25th], too.

This new adventure builds off of what I do here on Flooring The Consumer with the retail experience and using new and social tools to engage with and enhance the customer experience -- as well as what I've learned developing the Wear-Dated website and creating The Carpetology Blog.

My new company's website is live. Please check it out and let me know what you think. You can find it at Simple Marketing Now LLC.

I've also launched Simple Marketing Blog which is the blog and newsroom for Simple Marketing Now LLC. To keep you up-to-speed, I'll share a monthly recap here with you. In addition to news specifically related to the business, I will cover relevant marketing and social media topics. The retail experience stays here.

Now, I may yet have something to do with the Wear-Dated website and The Carpetology Blog -- it's not clear to me as I write this. I'll keep you posted.

What is definite, though, is that I am fully engaged in this new adventure, and absolutely thrilled about the possibilities. If you'd like to explore ideas with me, please let me know. I'd be delighted.

As you might imagine, it's been quite a week given all of the changes... I never imagined, though, that there would be so many additional wonders.

+ My post A Rant Against Email Newsletters and Making It Easier to Manage Subscriptions was featured this week in MarketingProfs' Get To The Point on email marketing with Why Can't We Still Be Friends? [registration required]. Pretty cool, eh?

+ Renowned social media strategist Mack Collier, in his 3/26/09 MarketingProfs' online seminar titled Not Blogging Yet? What Marketers Need to Know to Get Started, referred to The Carpetology Blog - my Wear-Dated baby - as being an excellent example of broadening the conversation beyond the actual product. Even more cool!

I've included a screen shot of his slide to mark the moment. Note Mack's comment: "Is this a post about carpet, or decorating?"

[I understand it made a cameo appearance in Mack's followup 3/27/09 presentation which I need to catch via recording as I was doing a presentation at that time.]

And, then, there's the amazing support and encouragement that so many of you have offered me -- Toby Bloomberg, Susan Abbott, Becky Carroll, Ann Handley, David Polinchock, David Reich, CK, Chris Kieff, Doug Meacham, Steve Woodruff, Lori Magno, Shannon Bilby, Michael Rubin, Gavin Heaton, Tim Girvin, Linsey Levine, and many others.

You, my friends and readers, are the reason for Flooring The Consumer's success. Without that success, I couldn't have created Simple Marketing Now LLC. Thank you!

And, now, in the immortal words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, "Engage!"

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