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Friday, July 10, 2009

Social Flooring Index: Blogs - Beta

Social Flooring Index Wordle from Flooring The Consumer
Social Flooring IndesAnd, now, part 3 of the Social Flooring Index: Blogs -- brought to you by Flooring The Consumer!

I started out with The Social Flooring Index - Beta Version: Twitter, which introduced you to Flooring The Consumer's new Social Flooring Index and tracked flooring-related Twitter activity. Next, in Social Flooring Index: Facebook - Beta, I shared with you flooring-related Facebook activity. In this post, I list flooring-related blogs.

It's exciting. I've noticed a great deal more social activity in the past 6+ months in flooring. Through the Social Flooring Index, I plan to capture who in flooring is doing what with social tools and share that with you on a regular basis.

I'm interested with the Beta versions of the Social Flooring Index in completeness. If you know of an organization in the flooring industry taking part in social media who isn't listed, would you let me know?

As with the Twitter listing, to rank blogs I've used HubSpot's website grader. As the Social Flooring Index evolves, I may add other parameters.

Once again, I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.
Special thanks to Shannon Bilby who suggested missing Twitter accounts and blogs for these listings.

[Note: I discovered that Carpet One Floor & Home has a YouTube channel as does Empire Today. And, many flooring retailers promote themselves on YouTube via the YellowPages.com YouTube channel or YellowBook's channel.]

Blog Grade
http://blog.builddirect.com/ 99.3

http://FlooringTheConsumer.blogspot.com 98.3

http://blog.builddirect.com/industryinsights/ 95.9

http://blog.builddirect.com/buildingmaterialsprocurement/ 95.5

http://blog.builddirect.com/greenbuilding/ 95

http://www.hardwoodsurface.com/ 95

http://Carpetology.blogspot.com 92

http://floortalk.wfca.org/ 91

http://www.flooringnews.com/ 91

http://www.carpetsbyotto.com/ 90

http://blogs.findanyfloor.com/green/ 89

http://www.flooringnow.com/ 89

http://www.mckayflooringblog.com/ 87

http://blogs.talkfloor.com/ 86

http://blogs.findanyfloor.com/consumer/ 86

http://basementflooringguide.com/ 86
last activity 2007
http://flooringstories.empiretoday.com/ 83

http://www.carpet-and-rug-institute-blog.com 83

http://www.floorfacts.com/floor-blog/ 81
last activity 2008
http://blogs.findanyfloor.com/corporate/ 75

http://www.bigbuilderonline.com/blogs.asp?sectionID=362 75

http://fromthefloorsup.com/ 75

http://blogs.findanyfloor.com/pro/ 73

http://www.zabitatz.com/profile/OntheFloor 65

http://www.flooringprofessor.com/flooring-blog.html 63
last activity 2008
http://www.woodyoulikefurniture.co.uk/ 62

http://www.venconusa.com/greenerflooring/wordpress/ 60

http://www.askthebuildingexperts.com 60

http://hardwoodflooringnut.blogspot.com/ 59

http://www.tilemagonline.com/CDA/blogs 57

http://carpetonefh.blogspot.com/ 41

http://flooringmania.blogspot.com/ 38
last activity 2008
http://www.carpetology.com/articles/ 36
last activity 2007
http://portfolioofwork.blogspot.com/ 33
3 posts in 2008
http://jefflikescarpet.blogspot.com/ 27

http://rscarpet.blogspot.com/ 25

http://flooringgallery.blogspot.com/ 25
only 2 posts
http://carpetgirl.wordpress.com/ 23
only 2 posts
http://fireclaytile.blogspot.com/ 20
last activity 2007

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