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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Water Droplet Girls

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Imagine a fashion runway. Three women covered from head to toe in shimmering grey spandex walk together along the catwalk, undulating vertically in counterpoint to one another, holding..... Delta Faucets!

These are the water droplet girls in a tour-de-force fashion presentation by Fischer Homes Lifestyle Design Center in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, outside of Cincinnati, OH. The brainchild of Thomas L. Hoskins II, Corporate Merchandising and Lifestyle Design Center Manager, this fashion show was titled "Fashion, Faucets, Fischer" and its goal was to connect fashion to faucets and Fischer Homes.

Thomas shared video clips of the final event last week in Denver during a FloorExpo presentation. What sent chills up and down my spine was that --via an unusual venue for a non-7th avenue NYC fashion house-- he was bringing the excitement and energy and edginess of fashion week to a design center, complete with spotlights and pulsating rhythms, practically dragging the kitchen sink in, too!

You may say 'big deal'. Or, that's interesting, but that's not my business. Or, no way. Or, what's the point. But, I say YES, WAY! This is momentous. It is big, and totally relevant to all product categories that make a house a home, including FLOORING!

A previous post, "What Consumers Really Think", refers to Trading Up by Michael Silverstein in which the author describes the home as being at the top of the trading up list. Furthermore, "Americans distort their discretionary spending toward the home more than any other category.” It is truly the most emotionally charged place in a person's life. Those items that go into making a house a home, that create fashion statements within the home must be treated as fashion and NOT as commodities.

Remember, what Patrick Hanlon says in Creation Stories? "Companies today have two choices. They can be the low-cost provider (which almost no American company can achieve faced with foreign competition) or they can create sustained differentiation by surrounding themselves with a community of enthusiasts who flock to the brand and stick to it no matter what." The opportunity in flooring is to separate oneself from the masses selling commodities, and focus on fashion and newness.

Thomas will tell you about other Fischer Homes events that bring together groups of consumers to experience a wide range of home related products. These are all showcased and discussed with PASSION and ENTHUSIASM and EXCITEMENT. No one drones on about facts, figures or specs! Rather, they are romanced and presented in terms that are relevant to a consumer's lifestyle. Aren't these qualities and emotions that consumers want captured in their homes?

So, if you want your flooring retail experience to stand out, consider bringing in some water droplet girls [or carpet fiber-ettes] to showcase the fashion and passion of your operation.

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