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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Searching For Meaning - the hakia way

My wonderful friend and fellow Columbia Business School alum, Melek Pulatkonak, has a request. She is involved in the development of a new search engine called hakia and needs user input. Could you help her spread the word and get feedback?

This is a unique opportunity to help shape a search engine. If you are as avid an internet searcher as I am, then you know that this represents a golden opportunity to find true meaning in your searches!

It's also a unique opportunity to be a part of the 2007 NYC Times Square VIP New Year's Celebration!

Dear friends,

Can you help me spread the word about hakia’s “New Year, New Way of Searching” Celebration at Times Square in NYC?

We will be a sponsor of the Times Square New Year’s Eve festivities and would like to share the joy with friends (you) who help us improve the search engine. Please read the announcement below, fill out the feedback form and forward the text to friends!

Many thanks…

Would you like to join hakia at the TIMES SQUARE VIP Party on New Year’s Eve? If yes, then simply take the hakia survey to qualify for the raffle:

1 - Search at hakia.com. Try something like “why do people sing in the shower?”
2 - Click on the FEEDBACK button to do your survey

Are you not yet searching for meaning? You probably have not yet had a chance to check out http://www.hakia.com/. At hakia, we are building a new engine to help you search for meaning and are hankering for feedback on how we are doing! Come and throw some of your meanest/toughest/longest search queries our way along with your favorite search engine. Do we bring more meaningful results and save you time? Tell us!

If you can spare a New York minute, give us feedback @ survey hakia and your name will be dropped in the hat for the raffle for Times Square VIP party tickets in the New Year’s Eve in New York City.* For more on the raffle, check out the hakia blog.

Now, gather up your thoughts and questions:
1. Go to http://www.hakia.com/ and ask away! (Bear in mind the spell checker module is not online yet)

2. Take the short feedback form (8 questions) and drop your name in the hat for the Times Square VIP party ticket raffle.
You will hear on December 22nd if you are the winner. Forward this email to your friends to share the joy!

Happy searching at hakia.com!
*At the VIP party, you will enjoy hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and dancing with New York’s hottest DJ. Then, shortly before midnight, you will be escorted to an outdoor viewing area a few hundred feet from where the ball drops. It will be your chance to get up close and personal with a moment in history. Of course, you will be doing all that in great hakia company!

By the way, these are some of the searches I tried on hakia:
What does Paco Underhill say about the retail experience?
How important is marketing to women?

I can feel that my searches for meaning are taking me to a higher level of understanding.... and I am closer to reaching total consciousness...

NOTE: I will NOT be rubbing elbows with the hakia VIPs on New Year's Eve, but I am interested in strong search engines!

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