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Monday, February 26, 2007

Five Reasons Why I Blog

Hat tip to Sandy Renshaw at Purplewren and Try Montage-a-google for a Neat Visual Experience for this "C.B. Whittemore Montage".

Robyn McMaster from Brain Based Biz tagged me in the blogosphere's most recent meme: sharing five reasons why one blogs.

As with Tag... I'm It!, many bloggers I respect have participated including Converstations's Mike Sansone in Why Do We Blog?, SuccessCREEations's Chris Cree in 5 Reasons Why I Blog, and Conversation Agent 's Valeria Maltoni in Connecting Ideas.

And, as with the Tag... I'm It! meme, it's fascinating to learn more about individual bloggers and what leads them to blog...

Here are my reasons:

Urgency - how to get ideas about the importance of marketing to women, focusing on consumers and improving the retail experience [especially in flooring!] out to others faster than traditional tools allow? I contribute to Floor Covering Weekly [e.g., How To Achieve An Inspired Environment], but there's a significant lag between submission and publication. Not with a blog!

Practicality - where to store and organize ideas [about marketing to women and the retail experience] so I can easily find them and refer others to them? In a blog, by Jove!

Curiosity - how to participate in this new non-traditional marketing world [a.k.a. web 2.0] that so many outside of the blogosphere don't yet understand or readily dismiss as a fad, but that my gut tells me is critical to the future? With a blog, of course!

What I have discovered in the process [beside learning html, and all about rankings, site stats, links, Flickr, YouTube, ....]:

Through blogging, I can unabashedly share my passion in the most interactive, vibrant, alive and welcoming environment ever. It makes college and business school pale in comparison. By blogging, I have met more like-minded people who teach me more than I ever thought possible. Ideas once disconnected now flow together with the promise of greater enlightenment, truly worth more than the sum of any parts.

Thank you, Robyn!

In turn, I tag:

+ Laurence-Helene at Blog Till You Drop.
+ Derrick Daye at Branding Strategy Insider.
+ Maria Palma at Customers Are Always.
+ Susan Abbott at Customer Experience Crossroads.
+ Todd And at Todd And's Power To Connect.

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Anonymous said...

Salut Christine,

I can totally relate to your reasons! Thanks for tagging me - will write a post soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello C.B.:

Thank you for linking. What an interesting visual you picked! Your content focus comes through clearly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the hat tip. That's a great tool! Glad to see you using it.

Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Hi C.B., you always have something different going on here at Flooring the Consumer and that's in part why I tagged you. I wanted to see what you'd come up with. Love the "Hat Tip." And my favorite of your reasons is the 3rd. Curiosity - that's what makes the difference here, C.B.

I like how you teamed with Katina from Brazil and others to bring more transcultural experiences to your blog. Bravo, and keep up the good work here.

Bob G said...

All great reasons - and nice hat tip! Gonna need to try it! My favorite of your reasons is practicality, C.B. - I never thought of a blog in those terms. So I'm stealing it :)

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