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Thursday, March 01, 2007

BlogTipping Day - March

And another hat tip to Sandy Renshaw at Purplewren and Try Montage-a-google for a Neat Visual Experience for this "BlogTipping Montage".

It's the first of March. Do you know what that means?

Why, it's BlogTipping Day as announced by Easton Ellsworth himself of Business BlogWire fame in Announcement: May 1, 2006 will be blogtipping day!

For me, blogtipping is about highlighting blogs and/or specific blog posts that get me thinking.

Here, then, are my March BlogTips. I encourage you to check these blogs and postings out:

+ Service Untitled has put together an amazing, fascinating and thorough interview with Robert Stephens of The Geek Squad summarized in Robert Stephens interview round-up. It's a four part series and well worth the read - if you're serious about your customers and your relationship with them. "It's about listening and building solutions." Isn't that a great way to describe your interactions with customers? "We are in the perfection business." Wow! And read about the feedback tools that Geek Squad uses.

+ Subscribe to Woolgathering for a daily dose of creative zen. It soothes, delights and inspires. I will paint again, and soon. I can feel it, thanks to you, Elizabeth!

+ I'm really intrigued with David Reich's new blog My 2 Cents and am -once again- grateful to Christina Kerley from CK's Blog for her infectious enthusiasm [David says she's the reason he is now blogging] and amazing commitment to causes marketing [e.g., MarketingProfs Book Club Hosted by CK].

+ The Perfect Customer Experience featured this post by By John I. Todor, Ph.D., Author of Addicted Customers, titled Who We Trust and Why We Trust. Definitely download the pdf. It discusses the differences between transactional or "satisficing" trust vs. relationship trust, with some interesting parallels to The Problem With Too Many Choices [e.g., the notion of "principal-agent"].

Definite food for thought! I hope you enjoy March's BlogTips.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, C.B.

Will you post or share your paintings when you begin again? I'd love to see them.

Anonymous said...

Your kind comments just made my day (if not my week). The Book Club is a labor of love and I'm meeting fine people from all over No. America, Europe, India, etc.

And David Reich's blog is doing great...he's contributed to blogs for nearly a year and, by hosting a discussion thread in Book Club, he decided to take the leap.

I will check out the other great sites you mentioned here, too ;-).

Anonymous said...

Hey C.B.--
Thanks for tipping me. I hope to keep your interest floored, and I'll keep an eye on your blog too.

CB Whittemore said...

Elizabeth, I hadn't thought of it, but since you suggest it - yes!

Thanks, CK and David!

anonymous said...

Very good links, C.B.! I didn't know any of these blogs before. I'll link to you in my digest post and if it's all right, I'll use that awesome montage image too (I'll track down Sandy and see where that link should go).

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