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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Engaging Brands For Consumers and Employees

How might a successful or "engaging" consumer retail experience translate to an employee experience?

That is what fellow Age of Conversation co-author Anna Farmery from The Engaging Brand invited me to discuss with her.

We explored brands and brand experiences, whether generational differences affect brand experience, and how the methods for creating an engaging consumer retail experience translate to an equally engaging employee experience.

The end result is The Engaging Brand's Podcast Show # 105 - Creating a Consumer Experience [which includes instructions on how to playback or download the recording. You can also playback by clicking on How environment affects engagement]. According to Anna:

"She [a.k.a. CB] talks to us about how to create an environment that expresses your brand and also engages the consumer. She talks about how we need to think about culture, colours, display and also how to walk in the consumers shoes."

I haven't had so much fun talking since Diva Marketing Talks. Anna is a gifted interviewer and made me feel immediately at ease. Her questions pushed me to link retail with non-retail environments, and consider how brand expression in one translates to the other. The goal is certainly similar: to engage the consumer/employee to become a loyal and longterm contributor.

Anna shared U.K. perceptions of American brands - an invaluable perspective in a world where our customers and employees are fast becoming increasingly global in culture and background.

Many thanks to Anna for living up to her mantra, an inspiring quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

I will never forget how energized my conversation with Anna made me feel! This despite scheduling delays, the Skype Outage [as reported by the International Herald Tribune], and a few other technical issues.

Thank you, Anna. I do hope you make it to the Blogger Social '08. I will enjoy meeting you in person!

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Anonymous said...

The pleasure was all mine- I love podcasting as I get to talk to people that otherwise I wouldn't connect with....I wouldn't get to understand some of the cultural differences...I wouldn't get to "engage" with some wonderfully talented people. I just wish I could have published the whole conversation as it was so rich with content...we need to do it again...

CB Whittemore said...

Anna, I understand why you love podcasting. I felt the magic and will absolutely do it again with you!

Anonymous said...


I, too, was honored to join Anna for a discussion, and she made me feel most relaxed. Thanks for sharing.

CB Whittemore said...

Lew, how wonderful! I will check out your conversation. I'm sure it was fascinating.

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