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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Mindblogging Age of Conversation

Leave it to the amazing Arun Rajagopal in Oman to come up with the most amazing opportunities to highlight The Age of Conversation.

This time he came up with: It’s MINDBLOGGING today!

Here is his description of the whole affair:

We are the cover story of the Dubai-based Khaleej Times ‘Weekend’ magazine today! What an awesome way to celebrate ‘AOC’. KT’s feature writer Pratibha Umashankar pulled out all the stops to write ‘Mind Blogging’, a brilliant story on ‘AOC’ that also explores the following questions:

o What are the advantages of blogging?

o The implications of ‘blooking’ both commercially and from a readership point of view vis-à-vis conventional publishing

o The future of blogging and citizen journalism

o Implications of blogging in terms of news value

Mind Blogging’ will expose readers in Middle East not only to ‘The Age of Conversation’ but also to the world of social media and conversational marketing.

This 9/28/07 Khaleej Times "Mind blogging" article by Pratibha Umashankar is available online via this link. Or, you can download a pdf from Arun via this link [more photos in this version!]. The article is great fun and adds additional perspective on The Age of Conversation.

Also, if you haven't already, consider reading The Age of Conversation Roundup for a taste of the topics [or slices] covered within the book.

[BTW, Arun went to great efforts to gather photos for this piece. Despite physical distance and time zone differences, he tracked us and our photos down.

There I am -- middle top row, yellow shirt -- posing for my self portrait with Age of Conversation. Many fellow authors posted similar shots on flickr.com.

Thanks, Arun!]

What an amazing age we live in that creates this kind of mindblogging connection and conversation across the globe thanks to a virtual cooperative work of love! I'm in awe.

How might you create such mindblogging wonder?

How might you connect those in your community - employees, suppliers, long-time customers, future customers - as tightly and warmly?

Think of the sense of connection you might feel toward an alma mater, a town, a church, a fraternity or sorority, a culture, a family. Doesn't that transcend time?

Well the community from The Age of Conversation not only transcends time, it also transcends place.

I wish this sense of community upon everyone I know.

That is how mindblogging it is!

N.B.: if any of you are train aficionados [as I am], do check out Arun's amazing photos and video clips of Indian Railways.

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Luc Debaisieux said...

Arun is sucha fantastic person. I'm still amazed to see the AoC spread the world like this. Thumbs up to you Arun... and thank you for relaying the information C.B.

CB Whittemore said...

Luc, you are most welcome! It's fun to share such amazing and fun news.

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