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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Carpetology Blog Update

We've been busy since we announced the Big News about The Carpetology Blog... making introductions, developing ideas, sharing information. As promised in that announcement, I will periodically share with you the most recent postings.

In fact, here follows one of those updates featuring the latest from The Carpetology Blog.

First, I'm pleased to have you formally Meet Marianne Cone, Director of Passion!

We featured a few unexpected stories relating to carpet:
+ Magic Flying Carpets
+ In The News: Carpet of Peace

Surfaces 2008 inspired us.

For example, how much do you know about silk? Test your knowledge with Marianne's post about The Elegance of Dupioni Silk and find out which new product captures that essence.

We showcase a few of our Wear-Dated carpet fiber show stoppers in The Latest in Carpet Style Trends. And, we've very excited about Marianne's interview with FloorDaily.net. She refers, there, to our "By The Foot" marketing campaign which she describes in more detail in "Feet Appreciate Beauty."

That inspired Elizabeth to share the benefits of foot care in By the Foot...

We can't let a month go by without bringing up color! Ann Hurley contributed Red Around The World and Elizabeth was inspired by Color Me Blue Iris. Definitely expect more.

In case you weren't aware, Carpet Alleviates Allergies. This is a big deal. Too much disinformation exists convincing consumers otherwise.

Finally, we've started on The Carpetology Guide To Buying Carpet - Step 1: Research to highlight resources for information. Buying carpet is not as frustrating as it may seem, and we hope to make that more obvious.

I hope you enjoy them all. Do let us know if there are topics we should consider that we haven't yet.

Consider, too, subscribing to The Carpetology Blog.

Thank you!

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