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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Vintage 4th of July Postcard originally uploaded by riptheskull.
Happy July 4th!

May the extended holiday weekend in this part of the world be filled with family, friends, the magic of summer, the glory of nature and plenty of celebration.

Perhaps, too, a few parades complete with firetrucks, mounted police and various notables. Lots of flag waving and probably a few crying babies.

Definitely picnics on red and white checkered tablecloths with blue napkins, sweating cups and soda cans.

The smell of BBQ in the air. Hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken. Maybe shrimp and vegetables? Definitely ketchup. Lots of it. Particularly on the kids.

Water balloon tosses that become competitive. The shrieks of kids in the water. The echoes of "Marco?" "Polo" from the older kids.

Sand. Sunscreen. Wet towels. Many smiles.

Lots of running around. The kids in packs, the youngest trailing behind, but keeping up. From the beach to the playground. From the playground back to the beach. Around the dock. Back to the beach.

Oh, look, someone caught a snapping turtle!

The pack runs to inspect.

And the pattern repeats, magically, all day.

As the sun settles, anticipation for the grand event grows.

Total darkness builds. Fireflies come out.

Finally, the band strikes a patriotic tune. Everyone gets into place, children climbing into parents' laps for better viewing.


And, then, that first BOOM, that you feel in your belly, physical in its immediacy and visual in its expression of total celebration.

Hurray, the fireworks! Ooooh! Ahhhh! Wow! How magnificent! Happy 4th of July, America!

For those of you in other parts of the world, I wish you a wonderful, relaxed weekend.

Thank you for reading, subscribing, commenting and generally making this blog possible.

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