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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Wear-Dated Website Conversation With John Simanowitz - Part 2

I'm happy to share with you Part II of A Wear-Dated Website Conversation With Integrity's John Simanowitz - Integrity Corporation having developed our website and John Simanowitz being Integrity's principal - during which we highlight what makes the redesigned Wear-Dated site unusual.

In Part I, I explained that with the launch our real journey was beginning. The new website allows the Wear-Dated brand to start participating in conversational marketing - with relevant tools and information to bring beauty, comfort and durability home, by connecting shoppers to retailers who value women consumers and their long term loyalty, and through the latest advice on how to best care for and maintain carpet investments over time.

Part I described what makes the new website different from the previous one, and why those differences matter.

Part II focuses on the social web, the benefit it represents for corporations and the importance of online social functionality.

CB: John, would you explain what role the social web plays for corporations?

John: At its core, the social web is about building connections with individuals or groups that share common interests. Those common interests can range from the practical to the leisurely, but all relate to those who engage in the conversation.

Playing an active part in these conversations can be extremely beneficial to large corporations, organizations and institutions. Engaging customers in meaningful online exchanges (rather than the traditional marketing monologue) means that corporations can gain valuable insights into their image, messaging and products, while dramatically increasing online visibility and generating authentic brand goodwill.

Of course, success in these waters takes some navigation. When used correctly, corporations can share ideas and build customer relationships in ways never before possible. When used incorrectly (i.e.,: deceptively), this media can be your undoing.

The frontier of corporate social media is an exciting one. If you sell a product or service, find a guide and start exploring at the pace that best suits you. You won’t regret it.

CB: What is so important about online social functionality?

John: If you remember from Part I, I mentioned that websites like Google and Amazon have forever changed buyer behavior. When faced with a large or complex buying decision, customers routinely conduct online research to determine exactly what they need, how much is fair to pay and from whom they should get it. The more complicated the category, the more important it is to offer a robust online experience.

The current online experience represents a dramatic shift in power from large corporations to consumers. No longer does big business tell consumers what they think they should know. The web offers a limitless supply of information and peer collaboration, creating an audience that is not easily deceived. Should a corporation succeed in a temporary deception, the collective online backlash could be more than a brand can survive.

Online social functionality means that the following matter as they have never before: Truth. Transparency. Collaboration. Observation.

The brands of the future are the brands of the people.

CB: Thank you, John!

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Integrity Corporation [tel: 1-314-727-3600] is now located at 6321 Clayton Road, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63117.

In John's words, "Integrity is an interactive marketing agency. Integrity is a way of doing business.We bring new ideas and techniques to traditional marketing challenges. We collaborate with large organizations to identify their opportunities for growth, and architect communication strategies that hit the mark.We are passionate strategists, creatives, and technologists armed with fresh perspectives on the fundamentals of multi-channel marketing."

I owe Thanks to the entire Integrity team assigned to WearDated. They have been terrific to work with and learn from:

+ Chad Compton - Technical Direction
+ Jay King - Developer
+ Ryan Larson - Creative Direction
+ Katharine Olson - Design
+ John Simanowitz - Strategy & Engagement Management
+ Jacob Wood - Developer

And, thank you for visiting the newly redesigned Wear-Dated website. I welcome you to our journey.

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