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Friday, September 05, 2008

The Carpetology Blog On FloorDaily.net

I had an unexpected opportunity to talk Carpetology this week with Kemp Harr, publisher of Floor Focus Magazine and FloorDaily.net. I had a blast!

Here's how FloorDaily promoted this podcast:

Christine Whittemore, Solutia, on New Consumer Carpet Blog -- Christine Whittemore and Kemp Harr discuss the new carpetology blog and the feedback she gets on the type of carpet information that consumers are seeking on the Internet. Listen to the interview to hear that fashion and maintenance are two of the key areas of interest. Listen at FloorDaily.net.

Kemp asked me to describe The Carpetology Blog - when it was launched, what it's about, what our mission statement is, how a blog works and how it's different from other communications tools. He also wanted to know how we are connecting with readers and what kind of feedback we receive to know which topics are popular [hint: fashion ranks very high!].

How cool is this observation: We - the Women of Wear-Dated - through The Carpetology Blog provide retailers with a window on what consumers are thinking about carpet? I thought very.

Thanks, Kemp!

If you listen to the Carpetology podcast, let me know what you think. Are there other topics your customers would appreciate reading about that we should explore on The Carpetology Blog?

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