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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flooring The Consumer: Three Years Old!

The Magic of Number Three - A Visual Puzzle originally uploaded by Kornel Mezo.
Blogging continues to inspire and amaze me, particularly as I reach the three year anniversary of Flooring The Consumer.

I can document my reasons for getting started, but that doesn't adequately capture my rich and rewarding personal journey where I have encountered so many unexpected wonderful friends, new perspectives and intriguing possibilities....

As I begin my fourth year, I thought it would be interesting to look back and share with you the posts that have attracted the most interest:

Top 2009 Stories
+ Getting Ahead By Being Local
+ Martin Linstrom's Buyology
+ Social Media, Marketing, Retail & Customers
+ 16 Social Media Tips Relating to Listening
+ Retail Experience Of the Future

Top 2008 Stories
+ A. Alfred Taubman: Overcoming Threshold Resistance
+ Retail Window Displays Matter
+ Meet Kim Gavin Editor, Floor Covering Weekly
+ How Might Flooring Displays Tell Better Stories?
+ Jon Trivers: How To Create Your Own Flooring Empire

Top 2007 Stories
+ Wal-Mart Plano - Like No Other Store!
+ A Store That Floors: Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home
+ Bathroom Brand Manifestations: Bass Pro Shops
+ How Do You Define Customer Experience?
+ Brand Manifestations in the Bathroom: Advertising

Top 2006 Stories
+ Dove: What is Real Beauty?
+ Atlanta's Atlantic Station - A Lifestyle Center
+ Shelly Lazarus on the Future of Advertising & Marketing
+ An Architect's View of Better Lifestyle Centers
+ Hallowe'en Bathroom Horror Stories

All Time Top Stories [which deliberately do not overlap with links above]:
+ Trader Joe's - Where Values Drive The Brand
+ Southlake Town Square - A Lifestyle Center
+ Hall of Shame Inductee: LabCorp
+ "Sorry Pumpkin" - The LabCorp Saga Continues
+ Engaging The Consumer... Via Store Windows

I'm so very excited about this next year, and I thank all of you who have joined me over these past three years.

A big thank you, too, to those who have taken part in my Social Media Series: Bridging New & Old:

Mack Collier, Ann Handley, Steve Woodruff, Toby Bloomberg, Amber Naslund, Lewis Green, Laurence Borel, Susan Abbott, Arun Rajagopal, Kristin Gorski, Dan Schawbel, Chris Kieff, Alan Woody from Carpets By Otto, Karin Hermans, Mario Vellandi, Jay Ehret, Lori Magno, David Polinchock, Peg Mulligan, Yvonne DiVita, Rich Nadworny, Doug Meacham, Valeria Maltoni, Jeanne Byington, Kristin Golliher from OtterBox, and Andrea Learned. And those soon to take part - Phil Gerbyshak, Jason Baer, Nesh Thompson - and many others whose voices I hope to share with you.

Thank you for being part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours.

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Mario Vellandi said...

Congrats on almost 3 years! :D
Writing & connecting is fun

Mack Collier said...

Congrats CB! Wow 3 years is quite an accomplishment for a blog! Here's to another 3! ;)

Phil Gerbyshak said...

It's only been 3 years? Wow, seems like a LONGER than that.

Love what you do here CB, and I look forward to AT LEAST 3 more years learning with you!

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, Mario! Writing & connecting is definitely fun.

CB Whittemore said...

Mack, I'm amazed at being 3! I wonder, though, whether there's special aging associated with blog years? Thanks very much.

CB Whittemore said...

Phil, I have trouble remembering what life was life BB. Thanks very much!

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