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Monday, November 08, 2010

Business Wisdom: Dennis Moseley, Flooring Xpress

Business Wisdom: Dennis Moseley, Flooring Xpress

Dennis Moseley, president of Illinois based Flooring Xpress, shares the following business wisdom in response to two questions I recently asked him:

How is your business doing? What are you having success with?

Dennis writes:

Thanks for asking Christine. I have come to accept/embrace several ideas.

1. Volatility is the new normal. As much as we would like more even business, volatility both motivates a person to be more careful and humble. It’s not going away anytime soon. Think like a farmer.

2. Deleverage where it counts. Figure what makes a difference to our customers. Everything else doesn’t matter.

3. I cannot expense my way to success. I need to take more calculated risks and make sure I have an exit strategy.

4. I must hire/retain employees who embrace the new age of conversation both analog and digital.

5. Our company must consistently under promise and over deliver.

The old saying goes something like this: “how’s business?”... “ I’m still here.”  Our company just celebrated our 32nd Anniversary.

Congratulations, Dennis, and thank you for sharing these ideas. I'm particularly struck with the "think like a farmer" comment combined with customer focus. I expect that careful, humble and under promise/over deliver make for a memorable retail customer experience.

How about you? How is your business going? What's your business wisdom? What are you having success with? We'd love to hear and learn from you.

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