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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Customers = Loyal Customers

For inspiration about customers, the customer experience and building loyalty, I recommend learning about 'Happy Customers Everywhere', the latest book by Columbia Business School's Bernd Schmitt, by visiting the following blog article interview:

Happiness and Customer Experience: Interview with Bernd Schmitt

How do you bring happiness to your customers?

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Amy Z. said...

Bringing happiness to customers begins with respecting and supporting your employees. Respect = training them well, taking the time to give them the "why" not just the "what" in training. It also means to give regular recognition and constructive correction advice. If you do this regularly, the employees will take care of the customers.

Tucker M said...

I completely agree with Bernd and Amy on this article; customer loyalty is something that has to be earned by a company and its employees. The importance of customer loyalty has long been overshadowed by an obsession with customer satisfaction. While it is important to satisfy the immediate desires of consumers, their loyalty is what really counts! Customer loyalty is the continued service and admiration of consumers, meaning that having loyal customers is the key to any business’ long-term success.

Here at Impact Learning Systems, we believe that as a business follows the road to customer loyalty, they will often find success along the way as well. Feel free to check out our article on customer loyalty and let me know what you think! http://www.impactlearning.com/the-road-loyalty/

Jon said...

Cool blog! I totally agree with Amy. It's all about respect. It goes round and round. :)

CB Whittemore said...

Happiness is aspirational; it cuts across so many dimensions. As you say, Jon "it's all about respect".

Thanks, Amy, Tucker and Jon.


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