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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Carpetology Blog Roundup - January 2009

I don't know about you, but when I make it to the end of January, I start seeing warmer days ahead. That may be purely psychological as the ground is rock-solid-frozen, the lake waters covered with at least ten inches of ice [or so I was told when I walked with trepidation across last weekend], and there's snow as far as the eye can see! Nonetheless, the days have noticeably lengthened and the sunlight has a 'kickier' attitude to it. So there!

Before heading off to Surfaces on Monday, I thought I would recap in this Roundup for The Carpetology Blog what took place during January 2009...

[If you are new to Flooring The Consumer, The Carpetology Blog is the official Wear-Dated blog about all things carpet... design, inspiration, care and stories carpet-related. Please do check it out and let me know what you think... ]

From a design, fashion and carpet style inspiration perspective, I have several gems for you!

Two resources definitely worth checking out: Design Reviews From The Floor Up ~ Surroundings and Sensational Color For Your Home about what my friend Kate Smith has created around color.

Two episodes of A Foot's Perspective that celebrate fun, fashiony carpet that I've discovered in hotels. And, I'm not talking chichi, stratospheric hotels. I'm talking regular, for the budget-conscious-traveler type hotels: A Foot's Perspective #21 - Wow Dallas Carpet! and A Foot's Perspective #20 - Another Wow! Carpet Style. Should you be so inclined, I welcome photos and videos of cool carpet you come across in your travels...

I'm delighted that my friend and colleague, Greer Leisz, has decided to meld her love of shoes with her passion for carpet. Check out Greer's Carpet Fashion Underfoot: Urban Links Carpet Style and Greer's Carpet Fashion Underfoot: Touch of Heaven Carpet Style. I hope it makes you want to check out what's in your closet and how it matches up with what's on your floor.

And, then, there's dreamy Inspiring Carpet Styles from Fabrica. Ahhhhh.

I hope you enjoyed the Inauguration as much as I did. Here's how it moved me from a carpet perspective: Carpet & The Obama Presidency - Part I, Carpet and the Obama Presidency Part II and Obama Inauguration Reinvents Red Carpet.

If you make it to Montana, be sure to check out a carpet exhibit that will take you places: In The News: Magic Carpets Exhibit, Paris Gibson Square Museum, Montana.

And, on a practical, but very useful note, check out Annette's Carpet Corner: Claim & Warranty Reference Information.

Thank you for reading. Go SuperBowl XLIII, have a wonderful February, and may the Groundhog see something of interest!

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