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Friday, January 02, 2009

The Carpetology Roundup - December 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

Here is The Carpetology Blog Roundup for December, 2008!

[If you are new to Flooring The Consumer, The Carpetology Blog is the official Wear-Dated blog about all things carpet... design, inspiration, care and stories carpet-related. Please do check it out and let me know what you think... ]

This past month, The Carpetology Blog celebrated a major milestone. Read about it in Happy Blog Birthday! 5 Top Reasons For Carpetology Visits. We're also very proud to be listed on Alltop. See The Carpetology Blog - Now on Alltop! [Alltop stands for All the Top News...]

In case you missed our intense Holiday Spirit, you have until January 15th to enjoy Women of Wear-Dated: Disco Elfing, Elf Yourself Country, Women of Wear-Dated: Charleston Elfing! and Women of Wear-Dated: Classic Elfing. Then, there's also A Foot's Perspective #19: The Night Before Christmas.

[BTW, which is your favorite performance? Which floors you the most? Mine may be the Disco, but the Charleston has some pretty nifty fancy footwork, and talk about foot-stomping rhythm with Country.... ]

Here's carpet related practical advice:
+ Annette's Carpet Corner: The Wear-Dated Shag Carpet Maintenance Sheet
+ The Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet
+ Understanding Carpet: Construction

And, we could never let a month go by without offering carpet design inspiration. Check out Design Reviews From the Floor Up ~ Design With Christine, -no, that's not me- Create A Color Palette To Coordinate Walls, Carpet, Furniture & More, A Foot's Perspective - Episode 18: Fabrica's Silk Weave [with Fabrica's Robbie Schuette] and Mannington Commercial Carpet Design Competition - tx:style - which is still open for entries.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful January and 2009!

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