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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Big News: The Carpetology Blog

I have big news to share with you: we have a new blog.

It's called The Carpetology Blog. It's our official Wear-Dated blog, giving us a chance to tell the story of carpet.

Carpet that we can romance, share relevant news of, and definitely be practical about. It allows us to raise carpet's profile in the public arena. After all, carpet is classy; it's luxurious. It's an essential part of one's individual statement of style and identity. It's comforting, it's sensuous. And, it's also fun.

The Carpetology Blog is a group blog, written by The Women of Wear-Dated, many of whom you have encountered here:

Marianne Cone - Bathroom Brand Manifestations: M&Ms, Think WOMAN - Word of Mouth Advertising Network, Lafayette Gourmet - A Feast For The Senses and Fun At The Doctor's!?

Ann Hurley - Ann Hurley's Trend Insights - 2008, A consumer's tale, What is Blue?, Managing Consumer Expectations

Elizabeth Hise from The Hughes Group - Bringing The Bathroom Blogfest Home: Advice

You haven't yet met Ramona Swain. She's our web mistress and a marketing manager on the Ultron contract carpet fiber side of the business. Her Wear-Dated experience goes back to my Wear-Dated Upholstery days.

I anticipate that others from our carpet fiber business will be involved. Who's to say that others from the industry won't get involved, too?

To date, our posts cover the basics: The Wear-Dated Carpetology Blog and who we are - Meet Elizabeth Hise: "Aren't I Lucky...?", Meet C.B. Whittemore.

There's practical advice like Keeping Carpet Clean, How To Sell Your Home and Dog Day Afternoon.

Definitely design inspiration: Fashion Trends: Color-Emotion from Mohawk and Thom Filicia's Design Inspiration Tips

And stories about carpet in the news - Create Your Own Red Carpet Experience!, Red Carpet Treatment and Presidential Design and Carpet.

I will periodically update you here on the latest postings.

I'd love to hear what you think. Let me know if you come across any fun stories or ideas that relate to carpet, and please consider subscribing to The Carpetology blog!

Thank you!

NOTE: A special thank you to Diva Marketing's Toby Bloomberg and Anna Farmery from The Engaging Blog for being the first commenters on The Carpetology Blog. For that, I make you honorary Women of Wear-Dated!

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Anonymous said...

C.B. - "honorary Women of Wear-Dated .. thanks does that mean special consulting when I redecorate ;-) Seriously, congrats! on the launch.

CB Whittemore said...

Toby, for you - absolutely! Thanks for your encouragement.

Mario Vellandi said...

Congratulations! The passionate concerted voice from one brand will be helpful to the marketing of the firm and the emotional connection to customers who'll think more about their purchase.

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, Mario! I do like how you describe the effort [passionate concerted voice] and the benefits [emotional connection].

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