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Friday, January 04, 2008

Countdown to Blogger Social '08

Countdown time.

90 days to go until Blogger Social '08.

See this beautiful collage? Mark Goren and Luc Debaisieux created it. There you see it: the unbelievably talented marketers definitely attending. This is one terrific crowd and I'll be meeting each one in person!

Having met several of them already, I can guarantee that this will be a social event unlike any other. Imagine learning more about and from Susan Bird, Tim Brunelle, Katie Chatfield, Terry Dagrosa, Matt Dickman, Luc Debaisieux, Gianandrea Facchini, Mark Goren, Gavin Heaton, Sean Howard, CK, Valeria Maltoni, Drew McLellan, Doug Meacham, Marilyn Pratt, Steve Roesler, Greg Verdino, CB Whittemore, Steve Woodruff, Paul McEnany, Ann Handley, David Reich, Tangerine Toad, Kristin Gorski, Mack Collier, David Armano, Ryan Barrett, Lori Magno, Tim McHale, Gene DeWitt, Mario Vellandi, Arun Rajagopal, Darryl Ohrt, Joseph Jaffe, Rohit Bhargava, Anna Farmery, Marianne Richmond, Thomas Clifford, Lewis Green, Geoff Livingston, Kris Hoet, Connie Reece, CeCe Lee, Jonathan Trenn, Toby Bloomberg, and Seni Thomas.... I can hardly contain myself!

Several will certainly be experiencing untold hardship getting to Manhattan... severe traffic from New Jersey, bridge or tunnel delays, long waits for Long Island Rail Road trains, complicated subway routes from uptown. Serious stuff.

Others have it easier, with leisurely jaunts across the Atlantic from convenient places like Oman, Belgium or the U.K.

Then there's the Central Iowa Bloganostra crowd. I'm counting on them. They'll probably bring Panera goodies with them.

I heard MasiGuy might even ride his bike all the way from California.

And a few - Katie Chatfield, Gavin Heaton - are using this as an excuse to go on walkabout all the way from Down Under.

In any case, it's The event of The season. So, you might not want to miss it. You have until February 15th, 2006 to register for the Blogger Social '08.

If you're not sure, then check out the details. And, if you're still not sure, then be sure to watch Mark Goren's amazing video [I intend to learn from him how he created it during the social!].

Feedreaders and subscribers, please click on the YouTube link to see Mark's video [it includes some of my NYC photos!].

If you are already on board, and you've missed the news so far, then please grab the collage and the video and spread the word on your blog.

I can't wait to meet you!

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