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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The California Rug Project Needs Small Rolling Rack

A special plea to all - especially those of you with connections to the beautiful state of California.

It has to do with a beautiful - nearly complete - project called The California Rug Project, designed by artist Vicki Fraser, who has worked on it for 12 years. It tells the story of the State of California using native materials. Once finished, it will visit every County seat to tell the story of California.

However, at 5 feet by 15 feet - with an 6 to 8 inch "hole" in the middle, the rug can be awkward to move around.

Hence, the plea for help from Derek Hoyle - aka: Mister X & Delta 9 on KZYX - KZYZ, FM, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting who also regularly sits in on Roots Revelation & The Good News Guys on KMFB, FM.

Derek - who in his spare time has taken up weaving - has accepted the task of searching for a rolling rack to hold the BEAUTIFUL and nearly completed California Rug. As it is now, the rug sits on a table and has to be moved several times a week, due to other groups using the room at the Mendocino Art Center. Currently, it has to be hand carried, unrolled, etc., and most of the wonderful women involved in this project really have to struggle, moving it around without some sort of holder/roller.

Derek is looking for donation or long term loan of a small rolling rack, so the California Rug can easily be transported, moved and unrolled/rolled. First to finish trimming the rug, and eventually to display the rug throughout California in every County Seat.

Does something come to mind? Might something already exist that fits the bill? It needs to look professional, too.

He adds that this is a non-profit project, and any donations are tax deductible.

Anyone inspired with a solution [or a donation] should contact The Mendocino Art Center and/or Derek Hoyle directly at helios [at] saber dot net.

Thank you for getting the word out!

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