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Monday, March 31, 2008

TalkFloor Tells Flooring News

There's a new online flooring publication called TalkFloor.com. Have you heard about it? Have you subscribed for free daily email updates?

TalkFloor is the creation of John Simonson from Webstream Dynamics [also author of Flooring Insights & Tips blog] and Dave Foster, of FloorRadio.

Here's how John and Dave describe the site:

"Who is TalkFloor.com?

TalkFloor is the vision of two flooring guys. One guy with a microphone (that's Dave Foster of FloorRadio) and one with a mouse (that's John Simonson of Webstream Dynamics). We felt there is a real need for a great flooring industry web portal to keep flooring professionals up to date on the latest happenings in the flooring industry. A web site that is totally committed to bringing the latest news and audio interviews, as well as product videos, expert blogs, resource guide, marketplace, industry events, job opportunities and lots more exciting things. If it is happening anywhere in the flooring industry you will find it here first!!"

Key words: web portal and expert blogs. That what makes TalkFloor particularly unusual. The first flooring industry portal to feature blogs!

Here's the visual lineup [I know the images are small - Can you pick me out?] And, more detail on the TalkFloor blogs, which cover a wide range of topics.

+ The Brand Stand by Paul Friederichsen from BrandBiz Marketing Communications discusses marketing and branding.

+ Web Strategies by John Simonson is all about Web Site Design, SEO & Web Marketing.

+ Design by Don Marlowe offers design perspective.

+ Sustainability by Jon Dougal, who has a rich background in sustainable design [he's also the editor of the Green InSight Newsletter], promotes sustainability.

+ Totally Tech by Scott McGillivray offering Technology Help by RFMS [which also offers the Bits 'n Bytes newsletter]

+ Flooring the Consumer. Although it carries the same name as this Flooring The Consumer, it focuses more intensely on the flooring consumer. At least, so far.

+ Round the World by Jim Gould from the Floor Covering Institute offers insights into the floor covering business from around the World - literally! He's just come back from China.

+ Zeitgeist by Ben Kinlaw offers insights into housing, flooring, and the economy.

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Do check out TalkFloor.com and consider subscribing to the email newsletter [on front page, right hand side]. It will definitely keep you in the flooring know!

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