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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brand & Customer Experience Blogs That Make Customers Sing

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Buzz Canuck's Sean Moffitt urges us to do some serious customer-focused summer reading in Brand & Customer Experience Gold - 36 Blogs That Make Customers Sing.

He says: "whereas, the majority of ads get missed and 70% of the population would like to skip them completely, beyond-the-expected, customer service and branded customer experience has a profound effect on purchase decision-making and customer advocacy."

It goes back to that lukewarm customer service we discussed in The Middle is Gone. Indifference just won't cut it!

So, Sean put together a detailed reading list to last from June 1 through July 4th of on-the-mark brand and customer experience blogs. This list includes gems by many friends, and is guaranteed to inspire new thoughts around how to delight customers and make them sing not just Christmas Carols [as captured above], but also arias, folk songs, and anthems.

Here's the list for June:

1 - Experience Curve (Karl Long)
2 - The Perfect Customer Experience (Dale Wolf)
3 - Customer Experience Crossroads (Susan Abbott)
4 - Customer World (Sivaraman Swaminathan)
5 - Experience Solutions (Ali Carmichael/Damian Rees)
6 - How To Create Powerful Customer Experience (Kim Proctor)
7 - Experience the Message (Max Lenderman)

8 - Get Elastic (Jason Billingsley/Linda Bustos)
9 - Creating Passionate Users (Kathy Sierra)
10 - Customer Experience Leaders (Brian Lunde)
11- Customers Rock! (Becky Carroll)
12 - Customers Are Always (Maria Palma)
13 - Seth Godin (Seth Godin)
14 - ConverStations (Mike Sansone)

15 - Experience Matters (Bruce Temkin)
16 - Get Satisfaction (Thor Muller and team)
17 - Logic + Emotion (David Armano)
18 - The Brand Builder Blog (Oliver Blanchard)
19 - IdeasonIdeas (Eric Karjaluoto)
20 - Social Customer Manifesto (Christopher Carfi)
21 - Web Strategy by Jeremiah (Jeremiah Owyang)

22 - Brand Autopsy (John Moore)
23 - Service Untitled
24 - Customer Service Experience (Glenn Ross)
25 - Flooring the Consumer (C.B. Whittemore)
26 - Your Customers Matter…Don’t They (Lori Adrianse)
27 - The Experience Economist (David Polinchock)
28 - Experienceology (Stephanie Weaver)

29 - Six Pixels of Separation (Mitch Joel)
30 - EMF Blog (Neil Burns/Erik Hauser)

And, for the July 4th holiday:
1 - Jack 360 Degrees (Jack Morton’s team)
2 - Advent Marketing Blog (John Roberson & Company)
3 - Alternative Marketing 101 (Kristopher Saim)
4 – Buzz Canuck (Sean Moffitt)

Thanks, Sean, for including Flooring The Consumer, and for focusing attention on the customer experience.

Happy reading, all!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing this along, CB. I was honored to be part of such a highly recommended reading list.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out C.B. and love your content and backtrack story. We should grab a chat and virtual coffee one day.

CB Whittemore said...

Sean, that sounds like great fun! Thanks.

Unknown said...

C.B. -- Thanks for the plug! I truly appreciate being on a featured reading list with the likes of all these other great bloggers!


CB Whittemore said...

Kris, you are most welcome! Sean put together a terrific reading list of bloggers.

CB Whittemore said...

Becky, I feel the same way! Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for recommending that read my blog "Customer Experience Matters" tomorrow (June 13th). In a touch of coincidence, that's also my one-year anniversary as a blogger. In honor of my 1 year anniversary, I'll be posting a retrospective look back at the year.

CB Whittemore said...

Bruce, Happy Blog Anniversary and thanks for stopping by here and commenting.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the list! It´s great to have someone like you writing this great blog!

CB Whittemore said...

Aki, I'm so glad you came across this list of customer experience focused resources. Thanks, too, for your feedback.

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