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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Social Media Series: Bridging New & Old

Sydney Harbour Bridge#1 originally uploaded by Robert Brindley.
Social media is here to stay. That much I know. According to the 2008 Technorati State of the Blogosphere, "Blogs are Pervasive and Part of Our Daily Lives." We saw social media play an important role in the recent U.S. presidential elections. And tools like Twitter help funnel news during global events like the recent Mumbai terror attacks.

However, we still have a bridge to build between those in the know and those not yet involved.

Perhaps they are simply sitting on the fence. Or maybe they're technically uninterested... What if they are uncomfortable? Or rather the topic isn't relevant at this point. Perhaps they are unaware of what's happening? Regardless, they are definitely not engaged in the conversation.

We owe it to our customers and audience, though, to bridge the gaps that exist between the old ways of communicating and the new ones. It matters because those missing voices are important. They have something to teach us. And we must remain relevant to them.

During the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer, Arianne Huffington described taking whatever steps necessary to include prominent voices on Huffington Post. Whether it meant taking dictation from Arthur Schlesinger or faxes from others, the end justified the means. She made it easy for contributors to contribute and The Huffington Post is a richer resource as a result.

The same applies to social media in general. The conversation can only become richer if we include that variety of perspectives. How do we get there, though? It's not a quick fix solution. But it is one made for creative integration and re-interpretation of the old and the new. Don't you think?

To that end, I am starting a new series about Bridging New and Old Media. I hope it sparks discussion. I hope it generates actionable ideas on how best to reach all customers and include them in discussions about the value we offer. Perhaps it will also bring up ideas we haven't even considered.

My first guest is The Viral Garden's Mack Collier. Please stay tuned!

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