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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mplanet 2009: How Do You Connect With Empowered Consumers?

Buzz is starting to build around Mplanet 2009, the American Marketing Associations's tri-annual conference taking place January 26 through 28 in Orlando, Florida.

You may have seen a few posts this week, many touching on the conference's four key themes:

+ Brand Building in a digital world
+ Connecting with empowered consumers
+ Marketing mix in a fragmented world
+ Global marketing on a borderless planet

Josh Hallett at Hyku announces that Mplanet 2009 is Coming Up Soon and explores engagement and internal fragmentation in Engagement Isn't Always Easy.

Scott Titus at Ideas, Ideas, Ideas discusses Brand U - Brand Building in a Digital World.

On the Marketing Message Blog, Stephanie Diamond asks What is MPlanet 2009 and the Digital Marketing Lab? She will be opening and closing the Digital Marketing Lab.

And, at Hispanic MPR, Elena del Valle describes Making a case for relationship building to capture existing and emerging markets in today’s business environment.

These and other marketers - like Toby Bloomberg, Peter Kim, Ann Handley and Becky Carroll - will be adding their perspectives to the Mplanet Conference and Mplanet blog.

I regret that I can't attend the Mplanet Conference. However, I've been invited to contribute to the Mplanet blog where I anticipate spirited conversation taking place to figure out how best to - as the AMA says - 'navigate the new marketsphere.' I'm excited.

Although all four themes interrelate, I'm most intrigued with the one that specifically relates to the consumer: connecting with empowered consumers. To me, that's where navigating the new marketsphere starts. Do you agree?

David Meerman Scott advocates that we Lose Control of our Marketing to better connect with consumers who start the purchase process at a search engine. Losing control invites others to participate. Participating creates engagement which gives people a reason to talk to others and further immerse themselves in what you have to offer. His new e-book [titled Lose Control of Your Marketing] is another must-read.

Intriguing isn't it?

What are your thoughts around connecting with empowered consumers?

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