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Monday, January 12, 2009

Spectacular 2008 NYC Holiday Store Windows

I'm sorry to say - I didn't make it into NYC to admire the holiday store windows as I promised in Retail Window Displays Matter. I tried, honestly, I did. There was a snowstorm one weekend; I visited my parents in DC another weekend; and then it became January and I got the OK on Saturday to go to Dallas on Monday for the week... And, now they're gone.

But all's not lost thanks to the digital world. I have several visions with enlightened commentary to share courtesy of others more disciplined than I.

Retail Customer Experience published this delicious article on 12/20/08: Photo gallery: The retail windows of Christmas 2008 which led me to David Pinter's 2008 PSFK NYC Holiday Store Window Survey and amazing Flickr 2008 NYC Holiday Windows Survey set.

Feast your eyes on what David captured in approximately 100 photos!

He highlights three of the stores visited in 2008 PSFK NYC Holiday Store Window Survey: Bergdorf Goodman, ABC Carpet and Home, and Anthropologie. Tradition seems to have been a common theme across many of the retail store displays. [Given Social Media Series: Bridging New & Old, I'm particularly taken with the Bergdorf window that celebrated traditional forms of communication... ]

Did you know that About.com publishes a Christmas Windows Walking Tour Map? It's a 2 mile and 1.5 hour walking tour that mirrors most of my intended retail store windows tour.

Here's where it gets even better. About.com also offers an historic perspective on NYC Holiday Store Windows. Can you imagine? Check out Holiday Windows at New York City Department Stores with details [including timing on when the windows are unveiled] on Macy's, Saks, Barneys, Bergdorf, Bloomingdale's and Lord & Taylor.

Budget Travel's Exclusive: New York's holiday windows as festive as ever includes fascinating comments in reaction to the various NYC holiday window displays. They include a terrific slide show.

Chic In Paris showcases some wonderful images of Bergdorf, Barneys and other 5th Avenue stores in New York Holiday Windows.

And, then, check out these posts from Susanna's Sketchbook:
+ December 13, 2008: New York Holiday Windows, Bergdorf Goodman
+ December 10, 2008: New York Holiday Windows, Bloomingdales
+ December 9, 2008: New York Holiday Windows, Lord & Taylor.

To the tune of Vince Guaraldi's Christmas music, you can enjoy steveisaacs' New York Holiday Windows on YouTube which puts many of the images and descriptions above into context.

By the way, the winners of DDI Magazine's 2008 eighth-annual Winning Windows competition are Bergdorf Goodman, Macy's Herald Square and Sony Style. You can read about Sony Style in Sony Style stores offer scent of the holidays; they put together a truly sensory experience including in their holiday window displays chocolate-inspired replicas of cameras and a gingerbread replica of the New York City skyline. Furthermore, the stores featured a holiday scent -- chocolate peppermint -- in their product displays. Wow!

So, do you forgive me for not making it in person?

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