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Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Entire Bridging New & Old Social Media Series

Bridging New & OldAs announced in Social Media Series: Bridging New & Old, I launched a new series about Bridging New and Old Media on December 2, 2008. It is sparking discussion and actionable ideas on how best to reach all customers and include them in discussions about the value we offer. I'm delighted at the perspectives that participants in the series are sharing.

This post will capture links to all of the interviews.

Here is who has participated so far:
+ Mack Collier
+ Ann Handley
+ Steve Woodruff
+ Toby Bloomberg
+ Amber Naslund
+ Lewis Green
+ Laurence Borel
+ Susan Abbott
+ Arun Rajagopal
+ Kristin Gorski
+ Dan Schawbel
+ Chris Kieff
+ Alan Woody from Carpets By Otto
+ Karin Hermans
+ Mario Vellandi
+ Jay Ehret
+ Lori Magno
+ David Polinchock
+ Peg Mulligan
+ Yvonne DiVita
+ Rich Nadworny
+ Doug Meacham
+ Valeria Maltoni
+ Jeanne Byington
+ Kristin Golliher from OtterBox
+ Andrea Learned

Based on the first 26 interviews, read Book I of Social Media's Collective Wisdom: Simplifying Marketing With Social Media, published September 2009.

+ Phil Gerbyshak
+ Jason Baer
+ Nesh Thompson
+ Becky Carroll
+ Anna Farmery
+ Paul Chaney
+ NatalieMacNeil
+ Aneta Hall
+ Tom Guarriello
+ Roberta Rosenberg
+ Sister Anne Elizabeth Fiore
+ Beth Harte
+ Tish Grier
+Terry Starbucker
+ Maria Palma
+ Stephanie Weaver

Hat tip to Danny Brown for the suggestion to create this separate post for listing all those who have participated in the series.

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From here:

CB: We'd really like to tag blogs by topic, but I can't figure out a good way to do so. Do you have any ideas?

Re: other platforms: Alums are represented on Facebook and Linked in-- do you think that there should be separate groups for Alum bloggers? Also: What would you want to see on flicker?

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