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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Links Of Note: Creating Customer Value

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These Links of Note had me thinking about creating value for customers.

Most important is not getting distracted with all of the marketplace negativity. In fact, I love that Alltop offers an Alltop for all the top Good and Uplifting news.

Have you read the Change This:: The Economy Survey? It represents 1400 responses to three questions: "In one word, sum up how you feel right now;” "How is this affecting you?” and; “What are you choosing to do about it?” I found it full of grounding inspiration.

Yes, these times generate anxiety, caution and concern. In fact, we should all read Robyn McMaster's Stress - Buster or Builder? and take to heart her suggestions. Do others come to mind? [Lately, I've been consciously 'breaking patterns' - working from a different space, experimenting with new gym class times, finishing 5-year old sewing projects, reaching out to people - to stay fresh and focused and not succumb to stress builders.]

Take these statements from The Economy Survey:

+ "tremendous opportunity to create the future for people."

+ "I'm choosing to use this as an opportunity to reevaluate what I want, who I am and how I am going to approach the next year."

+ "working together instead of competing with one another"

+ "it's time to create a new kind of heart-driven economy"

+ "I am choosing to remain a one-person source of energy."

+ "Shut off TV - especially the news and financial channels. Smile foolishly when people become too serious(-ly negative) about the economy..."

+ "This is a bold new time to try out fresh idea that would have been unconventional and risky six months ago, but what do we have to lose? Traditional methodologies won't apply."

+ "Look for ways to expand an offer our customers more value (they're suffering too).

In terms of offering customers more value, a good place to start is through the customer experience. What do you think constitutes the highest level of service possible?

For inspiration, read through this post from Becky Carroll titled Defining 5-Star Service. Here is Becky's favorite: "Client service excellence, just as with beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. For that reason, 5-star service is more of a frame of mind aimed at the individual than a goal for the masses. It’s not about being all things to all people; it is about being specific things to specific people. "

This caught my attention: creating juxtapositions of value for customers, as Danny Brown describes in Incremental Marketing, Pizzaville Style. Pizza + Playing Cards. Makes sense, especially if you have taken the trouble to think through your specific customer's reasons for interacting with you. What about your customer? How might you offer "relevance and value - two key factors in customer loyalty?"

Let me know your thoughts.

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Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

C.B. I like the variety of ways you've chosen to bust your stress. No matter what stressors come daily and it is through mindful tactics like yours that refresh our spirits and bring the calm we need.

You chose high quality Links of Note deserving the "Five Stars." I'm honored to be named with them.

CB Whittemore said...

Robyn, I always feel better after a visit with you. Thank you!

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