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Monday, March 09, 2009

7 Things About Me

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Daria Radota Rasmussen from Social Hallucinations tagged me in the 7 Things About Me meme. Yes, it was a few months ago. But, seriously, I'm doing better than I was in the Fall as it's only March and, well, lots has been going on as I will relate in a separate post.

As I thought about this meme, I couldn't help but think back on other similar type memes. There have been quite a few... More specifically, Five Reasons Why I Blog, Half Full or Half Empty?, Connecting Via 8 Random Things About Me, Northern New Jersey and Me: Perfect Together!, May's Child Is..., 4x4 About Me..., My Media Diet, 8 More Things Meme - With a Social Media Slant - and that doesn't include the 25 Random Things About Me one circulating on Facebook!

I felt daunted. What else might be of interest to share about me? Yes, I really love white chocolate and dislike dark chocolate. And, I hate that Russell Stover no longer makes those scrumptious white chocolate covered whipped cream filled eggs at Easter. I hope that I'm not alone, but given that they're gone, there can't be too many of us out there.

My love of white chocolate dates back to my childhood when my mother dragged me shopping on weekends, bribing me with a helium-filled balloon and marvelous chunks of white chocolate that she purchased from the department store confectionery stand [remember when department stores sold candy by the pound?].

Then I started thinking about this gloriously unexpected, intellectually stimulating and socially uplifting journey that I've been engaged on since June of 2006. It has shaped who I am today personally and professionally. I shudder to think where I would be without it....

It has affected how I view local stories and community. Do you realize how much of local lore never gets captured or shared, even though digital traces exist here and there? I've learned that firsthand via my personal blog, The Smoke Rise Blog about where I live. Not only have I discovered history and local dimension, but also amazing community and delightful conversations - all a result of sharing perspectives on local experiences and resources.

At the same time, I'm sensitive to how many aren't immersed in the digital world, or only peripherally at best. And, it's not all age related; rather, it relates to relevance. So how do we connect with those who don't see the relevance? How do we make sure not to lose the benefit of those perspectives and voices? Certainly by bridging new and old, right? That has been at the heart of my social media series about Bridging New & Old.

Discovering unexpected instances of businesses combining traditional marketing with new tools absolutely delights me. If you know of some I should consider, would you let me know?

Many of you have asked about "C.B." and what the initials stand for. They stand for "Christine" and "Bergin," my middle and maiden name. Way back when, in Ivory Coast, my friend Danielle and I would refer to one another using our initials [DA and CB]; in college, my friend Anne Bradner called me CB [she was AB] and, when I first joined Monsanto, I became "CB" because we had another Christine in the New York office already. It seemed right to blog here as C.B.; I treasure that many only refer to me as C.B. as a result of this blog!

So, there you have it: seven more things about me!

Here are 7 who have already participated in the 7 Things About Me meme:
+ Drew McLellan
+ Leigh Householder
+ Toby Bloomberg
+ Liz Strauss
+ Phil Gerbyshak - Congrats, Phil!
+ Beth Harte
+ Amber Naslund

I invite the rest of you all to participate, too, if you haven't already.

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Anonymous said...

Cool that you found a way to weave 7 things into this article. VERY interesting way to do it. Most do lists, but you are the one and only C.B. :)

Thanks for your kudos. I moved over to http://philgerbyshak.com now too. Stop by if you have time!

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, Phil! It's funny how I started out with a list, but kept getting stuck. This got me unstuck.

Congrats also on http://PhilGerbyshak.com! You are amazing.

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