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Friday, May 29, 2009

BitBriefs For Bits of Fascinating Research Data

I love research data. And, when Joshua Dreller, director, media technology & analytics at Fuor Digital LLC contacted me asking if he could submit research data for Flooring The Consumer, I felt strong interest.

But, I had questions.

Josh's note explained that his agency 'clips' great stats and charts on the marketing industry that might be useful research or supporting data for blogposts.

Very interesting. But, how does it work? I checked out the site he referred me to - BitBriefs - and wondered how best to use the site.

By the way, the site bills itself a "clog" or 'clipping log' made possible by Amplify [i.e., web clips for Twitter] , "a new service from the company that created Clipmarks [this from the Amplify About page] to share not just links, but the exact parts of web pages that matter most and the conversation that surrounds each of them".

Josh responded as follows to my questions.

How does BitBriefs work?

Josh: Well, BitBriefs started as an internal “knowledge base” tool for our agency. Each of us “clips” interesting stats/graphs/charts/etc from sources we want to share with each other. We try to clip as little as possible to keep them brief (thus, “BitBriefs”) and to not blatantly “scrape” content from other sites. Over time, we started telling our partners and clients about it and started getting some solid SEO traffic. We figured bloggers like you would be interested in finding supporting data for their posts, reporting on interesting stats, or even browsing through for story starter ideas.

What's the best way to use BitBriefs?

Josh: I think the best way to use us is to subscribe to our Twitter feed as you’ll get the headlines and can dig deeper if interested.

In addition to following BitBriefs on Twitter @bitbriefs, you can also enter search terms.

For example, enter the search term "women" and you'll discover [majority of results will appear on left sidebar]:

+ Older Female Demographic Dropping on Facebook

+ 20% of Online Population are ‘Power Moms’

+ US Affluent Internet Users by Gender, Age, Region

+ Women over 55 on Facebook Grows by 175.3% in 5 Months

+ Demographics of Americans With Social Networking Profile

You can click the “Older” link at the bottom and delve even deeper.

What's the value of BitBriefs?

Josh: BitBriefs is a simple way to stay abreast of the industry. There’s so much content out there it can be tough for marketers to read everything. The value of BitBriefs is you can read 5-10 posts in a few minutes and dig deeper to the source material/case studies if it has a direct interest to you. We try to make sure to get “coverage” on all major studies so our users don’t miss anything important.

I'm definitely intrigued! What about you? Have you tried BitBriefs? How do you integrate this data stream with Twitter? How do you use these fascinating bits of research data in what you do?

Thanks, Josh!

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