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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Flooring Industry Blog From Floor Covering Institute

Floor Covering Institute Blog

Floor Covering Institute Blog Offers Flooring Industry Insights, Research, Perspectives & More

Relevant to any immersed in the flooring and flooring covering marketplace!

Yes, that may mean you!
This past September 2009, as a result of my affiliation with the Floor Covering Institute, I helped launch the Floor Covering Institute Blog.

The goal of the blog is to bring you "insights, perspectives, best practices and resources relevant to the global flooring industry all from seasoned and recognized flooring industry experts who have owned, operated, and served flooring businesses in every tier from manufacturing to retail buying groups." The experts in addition to me include:

+ Jim Gould [also interviewed in my Floor Covering Institute Series
+ Chris Ramey
+ Susan Negley [whom I need to include in my Women in Flooring series]
+ David Wootton
+ Lew Migliore
+ Stuart Hirschhorn
+ Carl Ruland

What I've found fascinating is the range of perspectives on one industry that having a group blog such as this brings. Stuart looks at the trends and patterns that his research on the floor covering industry uncovers. Lew is known as a flooring product trouble-shooter. Chris' name is synonymous with the luxury market. David knows hard surfaces. Jim and Carl bring international perspective and cachet. Susan, among many other responsibilities, is my partner in blog-crime!

These are the posts I've written so far:
Meet Christine B. Whittemore, Social Media Marketer & Customer Enthusiast
Flooring Industry Wake Up Call Sets Stage For Insights
Flooring Retailers, Are You Evolving Your Digital Retail Experience?

I'd love it if you would check it out, perhaps even subscribe.

If you think of topics worth addressing either leave a comment on the Floor Covering Institute Blog, or let me know here.

And, regardless, what do you think? Do you like it?

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Unknown said...

I always enjoy your site. I started my blog for my floor covering business and I use your site as and example of how to do it right! I like the way you added the Facebook link at the lower right side.

Troy Aeby
Duralum Carpets Inc.
Stevens Point, WI 54481

CB Whittemore said...

Troy, I really appreciate your feedback. I'm delighted you've taken the plunge and look forward to monitoring your progress.

Thanks, too, for noticing the Facebook link.


Flooring Supplies said...

Hi there, I found this blog whilst surfing around for flooring. We are based in the UK but the knowledge is the same. I shall bookmark your site and check back regularly.

CB Whittemore said...

Danielle, I'm delighted you found me. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Best, CB

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