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Friday, December 18, 2009

Meet Ellen Roman, LMNOP CEU Manager

Ellen RomanIn June 2009, I wrote about LMNOP: An A&D Networking Community. Six months later, the organization has progressed impressively because of the passion and dedication of its volunteer management. Here I share with you an update from Ellen Roman, LMNOP CEU Manager. She is also a friend and former Ultron carpet fiber representative, based in NYC, LMNOP's home base.

Ellen Roman, LMNOP CEU Manager

Ellen has extensive experience in the NYC architectural and interior design industry. Passionate about learning and sharing information about new products, applications, and technologies, she has shaped an impressive learning curriculum via her role as LMNOP CEU Manager.

CB: Ellen, how did you get started in your role as LMNOP CEU Manager?

From relatively at the formation, I was asked to be the Continuing Education Units (CEU) Manager for LMNOP (Leadership, Mentoring, Networking Opportunity for A&D Professionals).

We are an organization developed “to provide personal, professional development to members of the architecture and design community through training, mentoring, and networking activities. Our goal is to create an organization for the A&D community whereby members can connect, support, and advise each other in a proactive and productive environment.”

CB: What kind of programs have you created for LMNOP?

In my role as CEU Manager, I have had the opportunity to address the particular needs of our members through the establishment of two CEU programs:

LMNOP Lunch & Learns

The first program is called “Lunch & Learns,” a term commonly used throughout the industry.

We established this program by approaching design firms and arranging for our members to have the opportunity to matriculate into scheduled CEU courses provided by manufacturers. This program furnishes numerous opportunities for members to maintain accreditation, visit design firms, network, and gain valuable exposure to differing workplace environments and cultures. It also offers insight into design firms that individuals would perhaps be interested in marketing their professional skills to.

Examples include courses on Stainless Steel Finishes in Interior & Exterior Design by Rimex, on Architectual Precast Concrete from Saramac, Delivering on the Promise of LED Lighting by Amerlux Lighting, Specifying Architectural Hardware from Assa Abloy, Architectural Flush Doors & Stile and Rail Doors from Architectural Woodwork, Inc., and a course from Schott Glass.

We also offer events specifically for our members.

LMNOP Member Events

This second CEU program is held in manufacturer showrooms, and is exclusively for LMNOP members. It addresses special topics of interest and creates an intimate networking opportunity among industry colleagues and reps.

At Steelcase, Inc., we held a course titled "Workshop Observation." The presenter was Peyton Larkin, a Workplace Consultant.

At Benjamin Moore, we offered "EU Course: Creating Healthy Living Environments with New Paint" with Bob Upton, Architectural & Designer Representative, as the speaker.

LMNOPCB: What else are you working on?

I am also currently researching how the LMNOP Workshops can be incorporated into CEU accredited courses.

I am always researching CEU courses that discuss innovative and cutting edge design and topics, especially in regard to green and sustainability.

In addition, I am constantly researching courses in various disciplines within the industry for members to participate, especially for those that express the need or interest to redirect their professional career in another market sector, especially in response to today’s market trends.

CB: It sounds like you are having the time of your life!

I am really passionate about the program, as it challenges me in a new area within the industry. It offers me the opportunity to network with other reps, learn about ongoing CEU programs offered, acquire knowledge about new product offerings, and further exchange industry information.

Overall, the opportunity as CEU Manager is personally and professionally fulfilling. I can contribute to the needs of members, provide members with courses that can contribute to their professional development, and build on the focus of the organization.

CB: This is really exciting to witness LMNOP develop and offer such value to the A&D community!

Design firms and manufacturers have been highly supportive of the program, and so considerate of our members.

CB: I'm not surprised! Any last thoughts?

As CEU Manager for LMNOP, I am always researching CEU programs of interest. I welcome CEU program suggestions and feedback. Please feel to contact me by e-mail at roman9091@cs.com

Please also visit the LMNOP website at www.lmnopnyc.org.

Thank you, Ellen!

Comments, questions, suggestions and ideas for Ellen?

For those of you not in the NYC area, do you have access to programs to share knowledge?

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