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Friday, January 08, 2010

Surfaces 2010 Social Media Education Sessions

Surfaces 2010Will you be at Surfaces 2010? If yes, consider attending one or both of the sessions I'm leading on social media marketing best practices.

I just published a press release with details: Whittemore Addresses Social Media Marketing Best Practices During Surfaces 2010.

Two Surfaces 2010 education sessions:
  • Marketing in a Recession 101
  • Social Media 101

Register via this Surfaces link.

By the way, Surfaces has recently launched a blog - the Surfaces Blog. Paul Friederichsen, one of my workshop co-presenters and president of BrandBiz, wrote the inaugural post titled "you're as good as the company you keep."

His post gives you an overview of our Marketing in a Recession 101 workshop and the world we immersed ourselves in as we prepared.

Paul also says some really nice things about me:

"Our session wouldn’t be complete without the third member of our trio: Christine. She’s everybody’s favorite expert on the Internet on how to utilize Social Marketing. It’s fascinating and ever so important nowadays to business success. Christine is one of my favorite people in this business – pure class. How she’s learned all this technical stuff, I’ll never know. But she also practices what she preaches, and she’ll show you how at our session."

Thank you, Paul!

I hope you'll be able to attend one or both sessions.

And, if you can't but are at Surfaces, please do find me to say Hi!

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