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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Win-win Retail Experience

Best Buy: win-win retail experienceMeet the needs of your most demanding customers - i.e., women - and you can be assured that you will also delight the rest of your customer base. In other words, win-win retail experience, right?

That's what Best Buy discovered as detailed in Best Buy, Minneapolis, Equal Opportunity from VMSD 11/2008.

Per the article, "Best Buy research found that the female audience influences 89% of all technology purchases." The company started to pay attention to what women customers and employees shared about the retail experience and the result was a complete store redesign.

Best Buy Retail Store Experience Insights:

+ Add carpet.
+ Make the color scheme more reminiscent of a home setting [i.e., warmer tones]
+ Improve the bathrooms [yes!]
+ Improve the lighting [i.e., make it more home-like]
+ Make it less noisy [another area where carpet helps]
+ Improve the navigation
+ Make sure lines of sight aren't obstructed
+ Educate through demonstration [i.e,. create experience zones]

Best Buy discovered a total win-win retail experience. Yes, that's electronics. But, it's just as relevant to flooring and other categories.

So, how might you transform your retail experience into win-win?

Image Credit:
The Mind's Eye - Virtual Visual Merchandise Planning - Best Buy


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