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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Volunteer & Access Disney Parks

Disney Parks Give

Disney Celebrates Volunteers and Drives Disney Parks Traffic

Imagine rewarding volunteers in your community by offering them something free. In the case of Disney Parks, it's free admission for one day. Intriguing, no?

Disney announced the program 0n 9/29/2009 in Disney offers free entry to 1 million volunteers.

If you follow the links, you will access Disney Parks. Then, Give a Day, Get a Disney Day.

From there, you can sign up and search for volunteer projects.

For some special fun, you can create your very own personalized Muppet volunteer experience as Becky Carroll did for me!

Here's the video teaser I just created...

[You may notice some similarities to the buzz campaign that HEMA created.]

What I like about Disney's concept is that they are linking to consumer and marketplace trends. More specifically, to our desire to be involved in our communities and improve them. Disney becomes both enabler and supporter of volunteerism...

How might you apply the concept of volunteering in your community to your retail experience?

While you're thinking, go ahead and have a Disney Parks Volunteer Muppet Experience.

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