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Monday, June 21, 2010

Flooring Affects Retail Buying Experience

Flooring and the retail buying experienceIntuitively, it makes sense to me that flooring would affect the retail buying experience.

However, it's just been proven by new research from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management in a recently published Study:  Store flooring can affect purchasing decisions. Consumers' subconscious attitudes influence buying behavior.

More specifically, "the feeling customers get from a store's flooring can affect how a product makes them feel, which in turn determines whether they buy it..."

I'm biased in favor of plush carpet with intensely delicious padding. It's gentler on my body and allows me to focus better on what I'm considering.

I'm certainly aware that in a retail environment many elements come into play - including flooring - with the ultimate goal of positively affecting customers so they spend more time in-store - which in turn increases the likelihood that they will buy.

However, I had never considered, as the study suggests, that "flooring acts as a frame of reference" for consumers.

I need to talk a walk through an Urban Outfitters or an Anthropologie and consider.

At the same time, I'll examine the ceiling height, which according to the same research professor Joan Meyers-Levy influences thought process.

Meanwhile, would you let me know how you decided on your store's flooring? How has it affected your retail buying experience?


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