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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retail Experience In The News

Wordle: #retailexpI've come to a realization. With so many marvelous retail experience related articles and links surfacing in the news, it's just plain wrong not to be sharing them with you in real time.

Do you agree?

Although many may yet wind up in future blogposts, I'm seeing my stacks of good ideas grow and I'm just not keeping up...

I've realized that I need to take action. Quickly so I stop depriving you.

Consequently, I've decided to start sharing these delicious retail experience related links to articles and resources on a daily basis on Twitter [follow me on Twitter @CBWhittemore:], most of them tagged with #retailexp [I'm trying to be consistent].

I'm also capturing them here, organized into categories, on a weekly or so basis. It's a record and also a reference.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

I also hope you'll let me know which you find most interesting.

Customer Service & Retail

  • When consumers collide with wrong info from Knowledge @ Wharton http://bit.ly/aBSWcL
  • Love hearing about using data to make smart dcsns that improve returns and #retailexp http://bit.ly/93znXE
  • Which do you opt for? Simplicity or variety - article re: store assortment #retailexp http://bit.ly/bt6lbB
  • Funny how impo it is to focus on employee satisfaction for exemplary customer service & #retailexp http://bit.ly/9g1Abw
  • What's yr take on responding to customer complaints on web via traditional? Definitely a big divide looming http://bit.ly/bHwXus 
  • Oooh. How Sbux PerfectForms PepsiCo Meredith turn digital convo into loyalty http://bit.ly/bd9mCo 
  • Is customer service buzz the new marketing? http://bit.ly/bVeotB

Retail Experience Ideas


Mobile Retail Experience


I'm curious, too, to see how this evolves.

Please do share feedback!

Many thanks for reading and being part of Flooring The Consumer!


denise lee yohn said...

this is awesome -- thanks for doing this, christine -- i see myself coming to your site regularly to benefit from your collecting and editing of content -- you will be a great retailer of retail content!

CB Whittemore said...

Denise, thanks for your feedback! I'm delighted that you find these links as fascinating as I have. Best, CB

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