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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Simple Marketing Now - June 2010 Update

Simplify Your Marketing!


Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends!  Happy July 4th weekend to my friends in the United States!  For all of you, here is the latest update from Simple Marketing Now for June 2010 with posts categorized into Social Media Marketing Resources and Simple Marketing News.

[For those of you new to Flooring The Consumer, I also write the Simple Marketing Blog where I discuss marketing strategy and creative, practical, simple marketing approaches and share best practices - many of which may be relevant to you and your business as you consider what's possible. The blog also acts as newsroom for Simple Marketing Now.]

Simple Marketing News for June 2010

There's the official news:
Then, articles I contributed to:
Two recent presentations that I documented using Slideshare:
Finally, the last interview in the Twitter portion of the #TalkFloor Social Media Marketing Series: Advanced Twitter. [Next comes LinkedIn!]

Social Media Marketing Resources:

I've included lots of resources for you in How Do I? Prepare For Social Feedback.

This post details a terrific presentation on Twitter Success Stories From MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer in October 2009.

I recapped in Social Media For Business & Entrepreneurship - CBSAC/NY Panel Discussion.

Thank you for reading and please do let me know if you have questions!

Have a terrific month of July.



Ben said...

I'd be curious to hear what your thoughts were on getting a good Facebook or Twitter following without straying too far out of an industry. I work with hardwood flooring, and it's kind of difficult to create a viral buzz around any of our websites. We also stay fairly on-topic, not venturing out of industry-specific topics. Your thoughts?

CB Whittemore said...

Ben, the holy grail in social is adding value. So, how can you add value to your visitors?


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