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Friday, July 16, 2010

Retail Experience In The News III

Wordle: #retailexpContinuing on with Retail Experience in the News...  These are the latest articles and links I came across this week and shared on Twitter with the #retailexp hashtag:

Retail Experience and Customer Service

The Economy/Consumers

Retail Experience Ideas

  • Carpet and #flooring inspiration online fr Carpetright in UK and @ScarletOpus. http://bit.ly/d0sE8W Really changes #retailexp!
  • New Levi's #retailexp: Workshops with multi-use spaces, fnxl wkshop, community event space & retail http://yhoo.it/9DIIph
  • New #retailexp concept to roll out: Linens & More For Less http://bit.ly/dcMKlb with deeper selection...
  • Health & Happiness Lululemon style! http://bit.ly/caujZO Experienced #retailexp in SoHo w @lbbbinc - totally engaging
  • Lots of #retailexp creativity at work: Retailers launch their own stimulus package! http://bit.ly/att8Go
  • Retailers get creative in NYT "retailers devise novel ways to revive sales" http://ow.ly/29YIY - what #retailexp ideas come to mind?
  • I love it when #retailexp worlds collide - fr NYT: Luxury Fashion Brands Open Web Stores http://nyti.ms/bjzCG2
  • Social Burger anyone? New restaurant chain to differentiate itself via a social #retexphttp://bit.ly/d2Idi2 
  • More on Pop-up Store #retailexp: how to open one http://bit.ly/bZ4sPI
Thanks for reading!

For previous issues of Retail Experience In The News, see Part I and Part II.

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