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Friday, April 08, 2011

Retail Experience in the News - 4/8/11

Wordle: #retailexpThis 4/8/11 issue of Retail Experience in the News...  recapping the latest articles and links shared on Twitter with the #retailexp hashtag this past week... comes to you from Dallas, where I've spent the past several days with the Surfaces 2012 Education Advisory Council discussing flooring education ideas.

I hope you enjoy the links below.

Retail Experience and Customer Service

  • Classic marketing 2 women: Mintel learns that women investors R more likely to rely on personal interactions http://ow.ly/4tbjV #retailexp
  • Overhauling A&P, major #retailexp turnaround advice "focus on customer" fr Forbes http://ow.ly/4qFV
  • Putting consumers in the spotlight resonates with women consumers http://ow.ly/4tbBW #retailexp
  • From the wise @JasonFalls: relevance, prominence, distance help make U digitally visible to customers http://ow.ly/4tbFe #retailexp

The Economy/Consumers

  • Definite food for thought in US Census data highlights: hispanic, local http://ow.ly/4tbgk How will this affect your #retailexp?
  • Why women rule the internet...and the social web http://ow.ly/4tYFB [Note ref to Dunbar's number] Are you ready? #retailexp

Retail Experience Ideas

  • Love this: using real people e.g., employees to model products. Talk about authentic! http://ow.ly/4qGD9 #retailexp
  • What's your experience with cause marketing? This study says cause mktng lowers donations http://ow.ly/4tbzh #retailexp
  • Fascinating perspective on buying: 10 cognitive biases affecting decisions http://ow.ly/4tV6P #retailexp How do these affect yr customers? 

Integrating Online with Offline

  • Shopkick says location based apps R catching on with consumers http://ow.ly/4qFsK #retailexp
  • How social media adds dimension to the museum experience http://ow.ly/4tYQs #retailexp #practicalmktr
  • Love this! Nurturing community at the grocery store. Krogers: http://ow.ly/4tYxI #retailexp

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Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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