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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trader Joe's Where Less is More: Brand As Business Bites Guest Post

Trader Joe's Where Less is MoreDenise Lee Yohn and I have been intensely exploring choice and the consumer retail experience since the BRITE ’11 conference when we heard Sheena Iyengar describe the power of choice and The Art of Choosing, her new book.

Choice in the marketplace is somewhat paradoxical. Not enough choice and customers assume you aren’t serious; too much choice and they walk away, overwhelmed. At the same time, as Ms. Iyengar pointed out, “today's marketplace is designed for experts, but we aren't all experts.” How then to make sense of choice to drive business?

Denise and I decided to make sense of choice through a two part guest post series.

Denise took on REI, a retail environment that definitely speaks to experts, yet also Makes Choosing Easy in her guest post on my blog, Flooring The Consumer.

I took on Trader Joe's on Denise's blog - Brand as Business Bites - in a post titled Trader Joe's Where Less is More.

I'll hope you'll read the post and let me know your thoughts on making sense of choice and how to make choosing an easier part of the consumer retail buying experience.

Thanks for reading!

Denise, thanks for the opportunity!

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