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Monday, October 24, 2011

'Climbing Out' Retail Experiences For Bathroom Blogfest 2011

'Climbing Out' Retail Experiences For Bathroom Blogfest 2011
As a keen observer of retail experiences, I find particularly exciting ones that 'climb out' and redefine the status quo and inspire users or observers to rethink, re-imagine and re-experience the tried and true. This is particularly true when it comes to the annual Bathroom Blogfest.

Bathroom Blogfest 2011 takes place this week and includes, for the first time ever, participation in the #KBTribeChat Twitter Chat [read this Bathroom Blogfest 2011 post filled with details].

The theme "Climbing Out" leaves plenty of room for interpretation regardless of one's blog focus IMHO. In fact, I can't wait to read what my fellow Bathroom Blogfest 2011 participants [listed below] come up with.

From my perspective, here are a few of the articles I've come across which have captured this Bathroom Blogfester's imagination:

  • Bill Gates To Reinvent The Toilet challenges the reinvention of the toilet so it turns waste into energy, clean water or nutrients. Furthermore, "the solution must be a stand-alone unit without piped-in water, a sewer connection or outside electricity. The foundation partnered with USAID to fix water sanitation as part of the UN’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals."
  • In Let's Get This Potty Started, Atlanta Watercloset owner describes the business she has created offering "boutique portable restrooms for outdoor events in the metro Atlanta area." I've been amazed at how the port-a-potty business has been transformed!
  • Virgin's Airport Terminal of the Future [pictured above] which "Believe it or not, Terminal 2's bathrooms are fairly inviting, featuring lots of open space. The bathrooms also feature Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers, which scrape water off hands in just 12 seconds (using up to 80% less energy than standard hand dryers), compared to the standard 43 seconds. Eventually, the bathrooms might even use greywater in their toilets (translation: recycled water that has already been used in other places, like the bathroom sink)."
Note: my pet peeve with Dyson Airblade hand dryers is that the water they successfully blow off of hands winds up on the floor where no one seems to have thought about how to contain the resulting puddles.
  • VMSD's February 2011 issue describes in "Unstuffed" White Stuff's newly launched emporium on George Street in Edinburgh. It re-imagines the changing room experience with fitting rooms that are uniquely conceived and all feature vintage wardrobe door entrances and themes - including a bathroom themed room. Talk about 'climbing' in and out!

What comes to mind when you consider 'climbing out' of humdrum experiences? How might you re-imagine your retail experience? Let me know if the comments.

Bathroom Blogfest 2011

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Shannon BilbyFrom the Floors Uphttp://fromthefloorsup.com/
Toby BloombergDiva MarketingDiva Marketing Blog
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