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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Upcoming Blogfest....

I'm thrilled to announce an exciting upcoming event titled "Bathroom Blogfest" that Flooring The Consumer has been invited to participate in!

What is a blogfest you ask?

Well, it's a celebration of sorts, an opportunity to have a focused series of exchanges on a common topic. In this case, the topic is bathrooms and how they matter to your customer's experience. You can learn more by reading further and also by Scrubbing up for the Bathroom Blogfest.

Since women make or influence over 80% of the purchase decisions, it matters to her that she have a positive experience in your establishment. How appealing your bathrooms are signals to her that you value her, her time and her business. In her mind, if the bathrooms are well taken care of, chances are you'll take good care of her, too. And, how positive a retail experience she has matters to you if you are serious and passionate about your business!

The Bathroom Blogfest will take place Hallowe'en week, starting on October 30th, 2006. It includes the following extremely discerning and knowledgeable customer and retail experience experts from the U.S., Canada and India:
If you have examples of good [and bad] women's bathrooms, consider sharing them here. Simply email me, or post a comment. Photos can also be loaded onto Flickr. NOTE: I'd really like to showcase some great flooring bathrooms!

This is looking to be an eye-opening plunge into a world that matters more to your women consumers than you ever appreciated!

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