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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

BlogTippingDay - May

Here it is - May 1st. Another BlogTipping Day as proclaimed by Easton Ellsworth of Business BlogWire fame in Announcement: May 1, 2006 will be blogtipping day! - and a one-year anniversary, too!

This month's blogtippings focus on the brand experience, the evolution of marketing, and the power of the positive.

This short clip from Marketing Headhunter on Tom Peters and The Brand is The Talent captures the essence of Tom Peters, getting right to the point.

Maria Palma in Eight Reasons Why Nordstrom is a Customer Service Legend reminds us of what we need to focus on to deliver an amazing customer experience.

John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing is a gem of common sensical marketing advice. What Have the Senses Got To Do With Marketing? touches on the positive sensory elements that your brand or business should incorporate to be memorable.

The Perfect Customer Experience features this post by Dale Wolfe on Great Companies Are Great Employers. Face it: "Employees are the most critical driver of improved customer advocacy because they shape and deliver the experience. "

Co-creation came up during my Disney trip [see I Have Met The Mouse!] and I will be discussing it further. In the meantime, check out Susan Abbott's post on Co-Creation & Fashion Brands. Not only does it make a great case for the future of strong brands, but it also explains how 'co-creation' can strengthen the experience or the bond with consumers [i.e., involving them in the creation process].

David Meerman Scott has strong thoughts on the evolution of PR and marketing. If you are fascinated with where marketing, communications and public relations can take us, do check out Welcome MarketingSherpa Viral Marketing Hall of Fame readers.

Get Shouty's Katie Chatfield has a post that is guaranteed to make you smile. Manufacturing Happiness will get you thinking about the experience you create. She refers to Mack Collier's Viral Garden and Australians taking it upon Themselves to create a vibrant community. How might you offer more smiles and foster greater happiness through your experience? Remember how powerful 'random acts of kindness' can be?

Finally, Purple Wren's Wordless Wednesday: Bleeding Hearts brings a smile to my face, reminding me of the beauty and magic of Spring!

Happy May!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping by C.B. Lots of smiles to be had here today!

CB Whittemore said...

Katie, I consider down under to have a stronghold on smiles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine ;)

Thanks for the link! Nordstrom is still #1 on my list of best companies and I'm so grateful to have been able to learn their business model.

CB Whittemore said...

Maria, Nordstrom has a fantastic brand advocate in you!

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